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Bad evening

After 3 years used to eating the same meals in France, i.e. Steak and chips

Staying in an apartment this year and bought what I thought was lactose free spread. Had a little with my bread and jam on the first morning and had a reaction by the middle of the afternoon but didn't think much of it

Put it, quite thickly, on my bread last evening and 3 hours later was on and off the toilet for about 2 hours.

Ah well - just bread and jam or extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for me now

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Couldn't you just kick yourself when you get it wrong - even when it's not really your fault?

Done it myself so many times, usually through deliberately flouting the FOD rules - just to see if I can get away with it for once, but often through just not paying enough attention.

Hope you're feeling a bit better by now although I know the aftermath can go on for several days.


Luckily my 'episodes' tend to be a 'flash in the pan' but this one went in for a couple of hours

But I feel 'secure' now thank you

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It might be the vegetable oil that is causing the reaction, a lot of vegetable oil is made from highly processed corn oil which causes me problems, I get reactions from mayonnaise too sometimes.


I use Pure at home for everything and full fat mayonnaise is fine, the low fat variety though contains skimmed milk powder.

A lesson learnt


i bet some margarine has buttermilk in it, which is actually worse than butter for lactose.


Don't think there was buttermilk but I'm allergic to any part of milk I think not just the lactose as I can't get on with lactose free milk or cheese at home


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