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Does anyone have the same symptoms?

I have been having burning urination for a month now. My doc thought it was a uti even though she didn't find anything in my urine, and gave me a prescription for Cipro.

After taking the Cipro I became extremely bloated, had abdominal pain, a hard time passing gas, one time I had diarrhea- the day I started the antibiotics BUT everyday since I have been able to go to the bathroom- soft flaky bms, that have mucus. I have abdominal tenderness, and back pain under my ribs and above my hips and I feel shaky at times. And my bladder is still burning!

I went to a few regular doctors and finally someone referred me to a gastro doctor. He did a few blood tests to test my thyroid and liver function and ordered a trans-vaginal ultrasound and pushed on my belly. All came back fine and he didn't blink twice while pushing on my stomach.

He says I probably have IBS and the rest is stress.. I've been eating a clean diet for at least 5 days now and am still having symptoms. I have been pooping everyday and it's not hard stool or watery so I'm not constipated so why am I having trouble passing gas? And isn't an IBS flare up supposed to last 2-4 days? This has been two weeks! My whole problem has been going on for a month exactly now.

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I believe there are several causes for burning urine including kidney infection, have you had tests for that? If not, it might be a good idea to see your GP again and ask about those.

I think the majority of people on here have IBS symptoms 24/7 so, if someone's told you that it only lasts for a few days - and whilst that may be true for some - it can equally well be a long-term problem.

You say you've been eating a 'clean' diet, but it may still not be the right one for you. Try keeping a food diary and see if anything leaps out as a possible culprit.



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