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IBS symptoms anyone had the same?

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Iv recently been diagnosed with ibs after initially going to the dr for hip,lower back, leg and groin pain which blood tests came back normal so dr decided to go ibs route and my digestive issues which i just assumed was normal...bloating, burping, frequent and urgent urination, stomach sounding like a traktor feeling sick after these symptoms in middle of night actually turned out to be IBS. But now im wondering if anyone else had back pain, leg pain, groin and testicle pain?

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I've had similar symptoms but IBS can be dofferent for everyone. Ive had Nausea, bloating, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain and an extremely vocal stomach! In terms of the leg pain, I have experienced this, but I assumed it was due to my anxiety. However, as IBS can be triggered by stress, it may also be due to that.

When I was diagnosed I was in year 12. The Dr got me to have an ultrasound first to rule anything else out and then gave me the diagnosis. If you feel your symptoms have not been investigated thoroughly enough, maybe go back or ask for a second opinion. In terms of the scan, you'll probably be on a waiting list for a long time depending on where you live, because of Covid.

I will link the NHS website below so you can see the different ways in which you can try to manage the symptoms. Its really helpful, so check it out if you get the chance.


I hope this helps :)

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Thanks for replying appreciate it! IBS you assume is just an irritable bowel and glossed over but the more you read about it and peoples experiences it effects you all over the body in so many different ways and all the time not jus after triggers definatly glossed over too much in my eyes. I will defo have a look thanks for the link.

Leg and groin pain is almost constant nowadays!

I have experienced my IBS as night time and early morning back pain.

back and leg pain,frequent peeing .im sure its a 'side' of IBS


Yes the same.

If it’s not bowel pain, it’s lower back pain or ball ache.

I recently took symprove probiotic for 3 months then alflorex. Bowel pain & bloating has subsided considerably albeit I’m constantly belching. I personally think inflammation is a lot to blame wether caused by diet or stress.

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Thanks for replying knowing someone someone else has same especially ball ache littlr weight off my shoulder! I might give one of them a go see if owt happens got nowt to lose have we only way is up!i think its the nerves they say all nerve down there start up there so compression or inflammation up there surely must have effect on the nerves down there.

Yes to all apart from testicle I’m female 😂

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Are you really lol never would have guessed lol 🤣🤣 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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You never know these days 😂xx

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