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Hello, I was widowed last year and my then occasional ibs has taken over. I get the runs type which only Imodium will settle, and was prescribed buscopan and colefac. It is definitely stress related, and I can take myself off most of the pills if I get constipated or lose those god awful cramps. In the last couple of weeks I have had two episodes of intense dizziness after going to the loo, it soon passes, but is this a common problem? I'm not dizzy at any other time. I have been taking medication for blood pressure and the dosage has barely changed in 30 years, and I get a different feeling if my blood pressure is raised. Anyone else getting this? Suggestions on what t do? Can't get to the doctor for a few days.

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  • So sorry for your loss! When my IBS is flaring up I get very lightheaded and dizzy when I go to the loo. I'm not sure what causes it but it has never resulted in me passing out. Initially it would make me feel anxious which of course makes the IBS worse. Seems like your IBS flare up could be triggered by stress, make sure you address this side of it.x

  • Thank you so much, that sounds exactly the same. I don't tak any anti stress stuff except for magnesium and rescue remedy. Maybe I ought to give in to the doc re prescription stuff but I don't want to.

  • doesn't have to be tablets try some yoga, hypnotherapy, reiki or reflexology. Reiki was really helpful for me.

  • Does rescue remedy work?

  • Possibly only in my head 😊 but it is comforting.

  • I can't say I've ever felt dizzy after a bm, but I too take meds for high blood pressure and my GP recently reduced the dose as I kept feeling quite spaced-out/dizzy by late morning (I take my pills first thing). Could this be the same for you perhaps?

  • Thanks for this comment. I've been wondering about this too as I was on holiday last week in a very relaxed atmosphere with no wifi or mobile, resting and walking a lot. I guess I dnt want any more to go wrong in my life, pretty please. 😳

  • Hi Rosie,What's the name of your blood pressure med?

  • I take 16mg Candesartan daily and every other day I add 2.5mg Indapamide - it was when this was a daily dose as well as the Candesartan that I had a problem.

  • Oh Ok,Rosie,it's just that I take Ramapril for high blood pressure and I was told to take them at night. But I know nothing about your meds. Just thought I might be able to help.

  • Thanks for the thought anyway, but the reduction solved the prob perfectly.

  • I suffer from lightheadedness sometimes when I experience a very painful bout of IBS and am stuck on the loo! No GP has ever commented on it when I've mentioned it so I've put it down to my body's reaction to pain- pretty scary though! Hope you find something to help you, this network is a great source of support.

  • Thanks so much.

  • My GP changed me on to slow release Colofac which seems much better and I like another contributor's idea of taking just one half of an immodium melts to avoid consitpation. Like you, mine is very much stress related and I can only say that since joining this groups and knowing how many sufferers there are out there has really eased my mind.

  • Thank you Mary. I am hoping for this same ease. It always helps to know ones feelings are not unusual and you are not alone.

  • My doctor told me that my lightheadedness was because of my diarrhoea - I was losing nutrients and salts. She recommended rehydration powders.

  • For stress try yoga breathing also good for bp

  • try increasing your water intake at least 2 pints a day ,as D can cause this.

    I take Normacol as fibre substitute as i gen follow a fodmap diet.stops me getting constipated. See your gp though as blood pressure may be cause of dizziness. it was for my dad he's tabs made his pressure too having a rough few days suspect sausage i had at takeaway was the cause.paying a high price for a moment of taking a risk. it wasnt even that nice!

    Hope you soon find away forward

    God bless


  • Bless you back Graham! Will check with doc. Oddly I'm suffering from an ill advised sausage today, knew I shouldn't have, but it was delicious 😐

  • I'm so sorry about being widowed. That is definitely something that would cause an IBS flare up. I lost the love of my life a year ago and had an IC flare up that is still not under control. I also have IBS but after some years with it it definitely has calmed down. The first year was the worst. After realizing that no medicine was helping, the doctor said to make myself as comfortable as possible when it flares up, and wait for it to go away. That's what I do. I know it's really hard to do that when you feel miserable. I just accepted that I had it and took good care of myself when it flared up= just lay down and waited for it to pass. I know this sounds really easy to say, but acceptance was the best thing I did. And stress-relieving strategies like meditation, deep belly breathing, etc. I am trying to have the same attitude with this IC thing which has been awful, and it is hard :( I also have chronic pain in my back and legs and it is very hard to accept this I hope you feel better and I am so sorry for your loss.

  • So very sorry to hear that you too have been so badly affected by loss. I too am doing all the recommended meditation, breathing etc, but the slightest thing sets me off, including a helping of agoraphobia brought about by having to drive past the hospital my husband had to attend. So yesterday was bad, but it was interesting to note that I got better on the drive home, the nearer I came to my 'safe' place. I really hope you will be able to conquer this horrible illness soon and find some peace of mind in due course.

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