1st Bowel Movement

Hi Guys, this may be TMI but wanted to check something with you all. Ive noticed that after my first bowel movemnt of the day i seem to experience a lot of nausea and extreme tiredness. The nausea then tends to be on and off for the rest of the day. Does anyone else experience this and have any idea why it happens and what to do about it?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hmmm..... Well I can say I have semi similar symptoms depending on the day. I tend to see from one to 5 bm's per day.. That range from not awful to a horrible experience of cramping gas bloating and not leaving the house.

    My nausea usually comes from minutes after to on and off throughout the day and I believe this nausea comes from whatever is left in me now moving again via my system. That mainly being gas. Gas is a huge issue for me... And gas pain and bloating can ruin your day to day life.

    I also experience the tiredness. On terrible days I see massive tiredness as the day goes on...

    I want to say that it is from repetitively having to deal with all my IBS issues every day... But I am going to go once again and get blood tests to make sure I am not also seeing vitamin etc deficiencies...

  • When I get a big build-up of gas (which includes indigestion, heartburn, nausea and a lot of bowel pain), I take Dulcolax to really clear out my system. I know it sounds like completely the wrong thing to do when you're having several bms a day already, but it works for me.

    Most of the time I've got a lot of control over my symptoms, but occasionally I manage to eat the wrong food and it sets things off again.

    Have you had a proctogram to see whether your bowel telescopes anywhere along its length (intussusception)? I'm having one done on Friday - oh lucky me!


  • Hi Rosie. Thanks for your reply. i dont think ive ever had a proctogram, howeve ri have had a couple of colonoscopies. The first one they couldnt complete as my bowel has a sharp 'turn' in it that the dr couldnt get past. Is that what your describing? Do you think that could have something to do with the way i feel after a BM?

  • Bit of confusion here as I was actually replying to one of your respondents (bburzycki) but no reason why the same things shouldn't apply to you as well.

    Intussesecption is when a part of your bowel telescopes into itself and causes incomplete bowel movements and pain. It doesn't always show up on a colonoscopy so a proctogram is a good idea to rule it out.

  • Thats interesting, is that a non invasive test? Some form of scan?

  • There are two types of proctogram: one is done using X-ray and the other with MRI (this is the one I'm having).

    Both are non-invasive apart from having liquid gel squirted into the bowel via a rectal tube.

    With the X-ray version I believe you get a barium drink beforehand as well.

  • Ah right, sounds a lot like the virtual colonoscopy i had. Do you have to do all the horrible prep beforehand?

  • No prep apart from no food or drink 6 hours beforehand. The difference between a colonography and a proctogram is that you have to expel the gel from your bowels with the MRI scanner on so they can see how the bowel behaves whilst in action! Quite a mortifying experience really!

  • haha doesnt sound too pleasant but sure it will all be fine. Please let us know how your test goes tomorrow.

  • Needn't have worried - piece of cake! Just a wait for the results now.

  • I'm glad it went ok. Was that in the nhs? How long did you have to wait?

  • Yes it was NHS and I waited about 5 weeks.

  • Swallowing air when stressed causes nausea

    Eat a little dry biscuit or half a banana

    Drink peppermint or licorice infusions

  • The only thing I can think of is that women with endometriosis or IC tend to have pain after bowel movements. I have a weird thing- so TMI that I have never wanted to tell a doctor! Sometimes I get an anxious feeling, think it's regular anxiety, before a BM. It's not that I am worried about it because I don't even know it's coming! I just feel anxious and then like 15 minutes later have a BM that I didn't even know was coming. Very strange... I do have a gynecologist that I might ask because he is so nice. I'm having a cystoscopy with him tomorrow morning and am very nervous because women with painful bladders can have pain from this, and I have such bad spasms... You could ask a GI doctor but I bet most of them would have no idea... it sounds unusual. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help and I hope you feel better.

  • I was unwell for 3 years with what was either post viral fatigue or not quite correctly medicated underactive thyroid or both, and during that time i used to be utterly exhausted after a BM to the point of feeling like I'd collapse, if i was out and about that was very sstressfu , if i was at home I'd have to lie down. It still happens occasionally that I'll feel like that, or if it's first thing in the morning, I'll crawl back into bed for a few minutes to recover, it's nearly like shock. Nausea was never particularly a feature though. I have no helpful suggestions but you're definitely not alone.

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