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Now I know I am not alone

I am new to the forum but what a revelation - I now know that I am not alone so thank you everyone for sharing. I have suffered on/off with 'tummy' problems all my life but in the last 2 years the diarrhea has become a real problem and at one point I couldn't go out. Even taking the dogs over the fields I invariably had to find a sheltered corner to 'go'.

It has settled a bit now but I am really careful to plan my routes and outings so that I know exactly where the public loos are for when I get caught short - not that its very nice having to go in public loos but you have given me lots of helpful suggestions - thanks.

Just knowing that I am not the only one with these problems has been a real help and now I am more confident that it is not life threatening, so I suppose we all just have to get on with life and cope as best we can.

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Hi Mary,

Yep, there are loads of us out here and I know how much it helps to make contact with other people who have the same problems - makes you feel as if you're not such an oddball after all!

Have you had any tests to eliminate other possible causes of your symptoms e.g coeliac, crohn's, colonoscopy, fructose/lactose malabsorption etc?

Do you know about the low FODMAP diet to help eliminate trigger foods?


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Yes, I've had all the tests - I can partly put it down to the fact that I have to take a daily antibiotic in order to avoid on-going cystitis, but at the moment I I feeling really good about it all (despite the D) as I feel so relieved to find that there are others like me out there - it has taken a huge weight off my mind and I feel more confident about going out now.

I like the forum suggestions of getting a Radar key and carrying a scented spray with me and as one contributor said - we all have to poo!


Welcome! Everybody is very friendly and supportive on here. It is always nice to read things that reassure we are not the only ones (events like having to run into the bushes - been there, done that - or struggling with particular foods/symptoms). Hope you get what you need from the forum :)


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