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Hi everyone.

I went to Brighton sea life center today with a few friends and we thought that once we got there we would get some lunch. Yet again it was another place that had no dairy free food. All the sandwiches and butter or egg in so I ended up having a bag of ready salted crisps. My doctor told me not to skip meals and to have proper meals each time. Although I've discovered again when I go out that's not always the case. Had dinner when I got home and yet again my IBS has flared up again. I feel like it has such control over my life as anxiety is a big problem right now and I dread eating out but I feel embarrassed and kind of a let down if I say I don't want to go :( does anyone have any advice?

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You say ".....my IBS flared up again". What do you mean by that - what symptoms specifically? How long do they last?

Newbie to this.


I get nausea, abdominal pain and fatigue .. It usually lasts for a good few hours sometimes longer.


Abdominal pain? Wind? Does it feel sore when pressed?


Yep I get some trapped wind. I take a colofac tablet when I get the pain and it usually goes within 15 mins although I try to only take them when it's bad


Sounds very similar when going out with friends it's hard to find something to eat and it happpens when I miss meals because the place cannot make soemthing I can eat. I just make sure to eat soemthing good and filling before I go out / do research on the restaurants beforehand / carry food in my bag most of the time - it's better to eat lots of small meals in the day that one big on. I live in Asia so being dairy free is not too hard it's the gluten free and egg free factor whice is hard. Try to always carry food in your bag and eat that instead and have a drink or some fruit at the restaurant instead better to be safe than sorry and also restaurants should be understanding about your allergies and can make you a plate of soemthing else quite easily. coconutandwhat.wordpress.com/

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Thank you very much for the advice I will take food with me now when I go out so I've got something just in case :) I do think that restaurants should have a variety of foods for people with allergies as most of the time it is hard to find something


Take your own food. If staff tell you that you can't bring in food which is from elsewhere you can insist that you are a group but that you have allergies, and don't want to be excluded because of it. They'd be pretty foolish to object, especially as your friends are buying meals.


I too have to have a dairy free diet and I agree that cafes selling sandwiches don't seem to cater for this intolerance. I have found however, that Tesco and Sainsburys BLT sandwich is OK and Sainsburys Tuna and Cucumber sub roll is also OK.

If you go somewhere that makes their own sandwiches that woulld be better but I think those places seem to be few and far between. I once had Morrisons make me up a sandwich.

However, try not to get too down - I know that can be difficult - have you tried counselling or ralxation classes.

You may also find that a RADAR key will be of use and the 'I can't wait card' will be useful and here are the links




Thank you very much for the advice I feel that food places should be more aware of allergies. I've been referred to cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and IBS fingers crossed it works:)


Hi there, I feel your pain. It is so bizarre to choose chips rather than a salad roll etc. Going on holiday overseas is also a nightmare.

Here are a few tips....for meals out...eat before you go out.. then just have something small/safe when you are out or modify the dish. In the case you mention you could have just tried to eat the fillings rather than the bread etc.

For day trips or holidays....always bring a bag of jerky, nuts, popcorn, fruit or something else 'safe' from home with you.... just in case you can't get a proper meal.

No-one will really notice what you are eating so try not to make a big fuss about it.

For special occasions or the dreaded overseas holiday it just pays to be prepared to feel like rubbish some times and also to have an action plan ready to go (epsom salt, immodium, electrolyte solution, de-gas).

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