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IBS and cancer

Hi I haven't been on here for a long time probably 3 yrs. just wanted to put out awareness with IBS without putting fear into everyone.

I developed IBS in all it's glory after I was 50 yrs old which they say is quite unusual. Anyhow to cut a long story short it can sometimes be mistaken as IBS but is a major symptom in uterine or ovarian cancer.

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer last year at the age of 57 yrs. the menopause brings alsorts of symptoms and I think my IBS became much worse. Unfortunately now having had pelvic radiotherapy it is much worse but I have downloaded monash app for fodmap guidance and also regularly take symprove. In between this I balance going out socially with immodium. I discovered boots are making immodium specifically for IBS symptoms.

Ladies please be aware that I have befriended many women on macmillens who hVe been diagnosed with IBS only to discover they have cancer at later day. It can be very important symptom!!

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Hi ,

I can relate to this as similar happened to me . I have had severe IBS since my teens and it started to get worse . GP 's treated me for IBS but i also had ovarian cancer and was diagnosed at a late stage . So echo above post , if you develop IBS or it gets worse ,check it out as bloating and IBS type symptoms are a sign of OC ,

Mind you after treatment for OC ... A rare form , IBS is still as bad .. Xx


It's known that ovarian cancer is misdiagnosed as IBS.cancer charitiex say this and its been said on national TV."bloating"with IBS comes and goes, its not persistent.know of someone who was initially told she had IBS when it was ovarian cancer all along


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