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It may help

Hi ,I have had I B S for many years,first it was I B S C and then for the last year IBS D it came with all the usual Simptons bloating cramps and gas, and I tried many meds from the Dr also over the counter but not much help,and then I read that Kings Collage Hospital were recommending Symprove go on line and look it up ,it will tell you all about it lots of people have used it and the results have been very good you have to take it every day for 3months and then a maintenence course .I have been on it for 5weeks now for the first 3weeks no change but into the 4week I saw an inprovement now in the 5th week it continues the IBSD is so much better, I only hope after the 3month course is up I can go on the maintenence course keep my fingers crossed .if you have tried every thing else maybe give it a try? Sunnycot

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Hi there pleased to read you are improving! Can I ask how does it work?


Hi Denvajade Symprove contains 4 strains of live bacteria to work in harmony with each other to maintain digestive balance, they do say that after the 12week course you should have a healthy balance , then go on the maintenence course . As I said it has helped me with IBS D up to yet but I have had the odd day when it's not been so good , but I shall continue with the 12week course , and I am still keeping my fingers crossed , we do get so desperate don't we ? So maby it's worth a try . ( go to symprove.com for mor details) Good Luck



Thank you, I wish you well.


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