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Trying to get in touch with Kefir

Hi,All, Back in April I was talking to a lady who makes her own Kefir from grains.She was going to send me some ,I gave her my email. But then my hubby was taken ill and I had to put it off.

Now then I've lost the messages we sent and email address,I'm also ashamed to say I also forgotten her name.

If you are reading this and you are that lady,I would be extremely grateful if you would get back in touch with me. Thank you.

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Hi, it was me you were in contact with, I hope your hubby is feeling better. If you send me your email address I will let you know the address to send a stamped addressed jiffy envelope to, I will weigh the kefir so you know what postage to pay :0)

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Hi,Lolalala,I'm so happy I found you. My Hubby is havering his treatment and I think he'll be just fine,thank you. I hope your in good health.

My email is. m.brooke42@icloud.com. I would be extremely grateful to you for helping me out. I thought I would never find you. I can't tell you how happy I am,you've made my day. Norma.


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