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Depression caused by IBS

I used to confuse the pain on my tummy with tiredness . Ignored it completely . I am a man I would say to myself this will pass. But it went on for the majority of my life . I am 42 years old now. A big chunk of my life got lost or stolen. I regret it so much . You know I never complained about this to anyone even my closest friends ,the pain was there but slow continues pain , never felt fresh even when I woke up in the morning. It is a bastard of a illness, it does not kill or stop you doing stuffs but it was with me even psychologically I accepted it as a way of my life.

I feel I never achieved my life to its potential .

That is why I would advise to never ignore your body tell you GP as soon as possible any sign

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I know its all been tough, Noel ... and I believe we all can understand and relate to what you said... I know you have probably 'tried everything' but I will still suggest this: have you tried a totally grain free diet... Completely 100% grain free... ??? This helped me once then I started getting lazy and cheating... bad mistake on my part... Anyway, check it out on Google because there is so much more to it then just saying 'grain free'...And...

one other thing: :) Oh how I wish I could say I was only 42 years old again! Just enjoy the good times that come your way! Best wishes!


Thank you so much for your words of support Betty. It gives me hope.


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