Ibs -d caused by stress and anxiety

Having tried everything under the sun for forty years I now have no problems all due to a tablet you can buy over the counter in any chemist who sells it. This miracle is called Phenergan and is actually an anti histamine. Take two on the first night and one each night thereafter for as long as you need them. The first day you may feel a bit zonked but that wears off. It has changed my life completely and can't believe this little pill has taken forty years of misery away.

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  • Wow, I'm really impressed! Would you mind telling me for how long you've been taking it and whether you've spoken to a doctor about it?


  • No problem . I started to get better two days after the first double dose . The morning after the first one was a bit crappy ,zonked kind of feeling but since then nothing. I've only been on them for two weeks now and they have changed my life completely. You will get 20 questions at the chemist and they will tell you they only can be taken for seven days. Just agree and do as I've said. I researched this drug thoroughly and the only medication it could interact with is zimovane ( sleepers) which I used every night . Don't use sleeping tablets , diarrhoea or sickness pills now . Life is just a joy.

    I was a bit worried that it would interact with the cancer drug I take but nope. If I can be sorted out I only hope everybody can be it's certainly worth a try. I havent mentioned it to my doctor yet but I will do if I continue to feel like this. Amazing what I have been able to do the last two weeks .

    Two for the first night and one every night thereafter .Good luck and let me know how it affects you . Google Phenergan,tells you all but this little gem was told to me through a ibs forum by a doctor .

  • Thanks so much for your reply.

    Have spent an hour reading up on it as you suggested and have now ordered it from an online pharmacy.

    I don't know whether it'll work for me as I don't have nausea; my symptoms are mainly diarrhoea, wind, indigestion and abdominal pain, but I'm happy to give anything a go if I half think it'll work.

    So very pleased that it does the trick for you at any rate, especially as you've had IBS for such a long time.

    I'll update you in a couple of weeks and thanks once again for posting this info.


  • Is it still working for you? Rosie218,,, hope so :)

  • I'd forgotten all about this. I'm sure it's what my health visitor suggested I gave to my daughter 20 years ago when she wouldn't sleep! It took 3 years for her to sleep through the night, we used to give her a spoonful of this when we were desperate for sleep.

    If it is the same then I assume it's very mild if you can give it to toddlers? Or maybe there is an adult version? Can I ask how it helps your IBS?

    I would suggest you mention it to your GP but if you can buy it OTC then it can't be too strong.

  • I have no idea how it helps but it certainly is doing it for me. There is a sedative in it so maybe that is calming my bowels but my family have noticed a huge change in just two weeks. Before Phenergan I had to dope myself up just to get outside the house and as for meeting people -- forget it . Going away on holiday was a nightmare even a day trip was enough to give me a panic attack which was always sickness and diarrhoea. The stomach pain was awful which I took buscopan for. All gone and I really hope it stays away. I will be giving myself a test next Tuesday as I'm going to the dentist . That would usually have me in the toilet many times before getting there. I'll keep you posted.

    Phenergan is Β£7 roughly for 56 tablets . Worth every penny.

  • Please keep us updated, especially those that have just bought this product. I have mainly IBSD, although my main symptoms are nausea and aggitated stomach so wonder if it would work for me.

  • Glad to hear you feel so much better for it.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes :)

  • I'm absolutely sure it will work for you. When your life style is crap due to this stupid stupid ibs then it's worth trying anything and believe you me I've tried every con concoction known to man over the years. Hypnotherapy, yoga, Thai chi, c.ds to calm me down. Spent a fortune until now. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Today, is a very stressful day for me and I have no problems with the Ibs-D . It's just amazing !!!

  • Had a wee look at this and would be very wary if you have to drive on a daily basis.

  • It does make you feeling sleepy but not for long but I agree I wouldn't drive too far while on this pill.

  • I don't want to be negative towards anything that is helping but thought it was worth highlighting for safety. x

  • I knew before buying it that as it is an antihistamine it has a sedatitive effect which is why I take it at night. Thanks though , nice that people care enough .

  • I have a stressful day today and have to wait until this afternoon for the dreaded dentist appointment which under normal circumstances would have me in the toilet 100 times before going . So far so good, a wee fluttering in my stomach but that I can handle. I'll post later after I've been and see if this magic potion has worked again.

  • I've just been to see my g.p which would have had me in the toilet most of the day stressing about the visit. I did this without Imodium or diazapam . I told him about the Phenergan and he said it was an old antihistamine that g.p.s don't prescribe so much and if it has worked for me after forty years to keep taking it. So, all you dear people who are suffering please please give this magic pill a try it just might work for you as it has for me.

  • Thanks Shon48

    Do you think this can be taken with Mebeverine just a bit wary ov drug interactions.



  • Yes, I believe you can. I personally take Prozac too but I take it in the morning and the Phenergan at night. I hope it helps you like it has me.

  • Thank you for this information. I have just bought some in the hope that they will help me. How often do you take them and for how long? Package says should not be taken for more than 7 days. Thanks.

  • I was told to take two 25mg on the first night and then one every night thereafter. They are an old antihistamine tablet which has a sedative effect . They were used mainly for travel sickness which is why it says to stop after 7 days. I'm into my fourth week of taking one every night and have no ibs-d symptoms. My g.p was a bit surprised too but as it isn't interfering with the cancer drug or the Prozac I take ( in the morning) to carry on. I'm finding my nose is getting bunged up and my dry mouth a little worse but I'm willing to put up with it if I can continue the life I am now enjoying.

    I wish you well and keep in touch.

    If you take two tonight just be aware that you might be a tad zonked tomorrow.

  • Hi,

    Just to let you know that I've started to take Phenergan. I've now been on it for 6 nights. Quickly found out that half a tablet is a big enough dose for me as I was so groggy the following day on a full dose.

    Since I have allergic rhinitis (all-year round fits of sneezing with no obvious cause), I can say that I haven't had it since I started on this and, as no other anti-histamine has ever worked, that's the first good thing.

    I also have insomnia which Temazepam doesn't help very much, so having stopped those, I can report that I've had the best 6 nights' sleep on Phenergan in very many years, so that's the second good thing.

    I have pretty good control over my IBS symptoms by sticking to the low-FODMAP diet, but still experience some discomfort most days, however, since taking your advice, I can say that all of that has now gone. Today, I'm about to embark on a real try-out by eating high-FODs for my dinner and I'll let you know the outcome. If I'm okay with it, it'll be the most brilliant thing that's happened regarding my health for years!


  • So happy for you :) and will mention to mum for her Allergic Rhinittus :) thankyou,.

  • Oh Rosie I can't tell you how happy I am for you . This is just brilliant brilliant news . As you know mine wasn't due to food just stress and anxiety and my whole life has changed through that wee pill but I know it's not for everybody BUT I'm so happy it's working for you and so well too. I had to stop taking it at night as it was making my restless legs worse but taking it in the morning hasn't given me any trouble. Wow wow wow . Well done. Yay !!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Found you :) I will be trying asap,,,,,, sooooo nice to hear ya good stories :)

  • Please do give the Phenergan a try, it's been such a miracle for me and I hope for you too. Keep in touch for any support or help .shona

  • Hi Shona,

    Just another update for you.

    Throughout this last week, I've been gradually reintroducing high FODMAPs back into my diet (have to take it easy with this as it's 3.5 years since I've eaten them) with NO BAD EFFECTS whatsoever!!! Can't quite believe it, 'miracle' doesn't begin to describe what it's like to be able to eat normally again and I'm so grateful that you took the trouble to post about Phenergan.

    I'm seeing my GP about it on Friday, so it'll be interesting to know what he makes of it.

    I've directed 2 people to read these posts this morning as it's a must-try for everybody in my opinion.

    Thank you so much and, if you live anywhere near Hampshire, do let me know and I'll treat you to a great meal out!


  • Rosie, you have made me very happy that I've been able to help someone else with this annoying ,painful and extremely debilitating condition . I hope you continue feeling so much better. So far, no relapses for me and my life has just turned around. I was a little scared to tell my g.p but when I did he just said if it works for you take it as it won't do you any harm. I've tweeked it a bit and take it in the morning rather than at night because it made the restless legs worse.

    I live in Scotland but if I'm ever down your way I would love to meet up with you . Keep well and in touch

    Shona πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  • Is it this Friday you are going to see the g.p ? Good luck Rosie


  • Thanks Shona, yes, D-Day for me today at 4.20pm. I'll report back with the results.


  • Hi Shona, as you might guess my GP was pretty gobsmacked when I presented my case, but also very impressed. He booked me another appt for 18th Dec for a further report as he's well aware how some IBS treatments stop working after a couple of weeks. If I'm still ok at that point he'll try and investigate further to see if there are any other reports about it and also start to prescribe it for other patients.

    He said it's a very old, first-generation anti-histamine which fell out of favour when the new ones came along which don't cause drowsiness.

    He also said it's very safe to take long-term and has given me a repeat prescription as he said I might have difficulty buying it as it's not used much these days. Hope they don't stop manufacturing it - I might have to set-up my own lab if they do!

    Has anyone else come back to you with their results yet?

  • Well , that's just brilliant news . He is spot on about it being an old anti-histamine ,my g.p. said the same thing. It's still working for me and it's been a wee while since starting it and I dread the day if it does stop working. What a success story and to think I came across it by accident on a cancer forum .lol .

    There are a couple of others giving it a try so keeping my fingers crossed for them too .

    I'll start a lab with you if it gets to that stage lol . Don't think it will but I'm just buying it when I see it to keep a stock up. I feel like a drug dealer lol .

    Great news, Rosie and I pray we both don't fall off the horse.


  • cheers :)

  • I think I will be trying this, Rosie are you still having good results on this magic pill. Am a bit worried about it being a sedative and people say getting addicted to sleeping pills. do you think it will help with diarrhea as well?

  • Hi Myrtle , im the one who posted originally about Phenergan . I take it for ibsD and have never looked back . My ibs was due to stress and anxiety so not food related. You won't get addicted to them as its a very mild sedative for travel sickness. It's an amazing little pill that having suffered this problem for 41 years has given me my life back. G.p approved for me too.

    Good luck and hope you too are one of the lucky ones it helps .


  • Hello shon,

    First of all thank you for posting about this and thank you for testing it as well. My gut started being off after a bout of stomach flu, Drs said try avoiding lactose, which helped no end, but I also am stressed and anxious as well which I do not think helps.

    Having tried the fods, with good improvement, but going from full d to now more mush I would be keen to get the last of it under control. I completely relate to the leaving the house situation, and am so pleased for you. I am now able to have a reasonable day at work thanks to fods, if this pill can help... Amazing.

    I wonder how it works, being a mild sedative? Do you think it calms us down mentally?

    Thank you so much again

    Much love,

  • I have no idea why it works . I actually came across it by accident on a breast cancer forum where a g.p had posted about trials for women who had finished their treatment that Phenergan had kept the cancer from returning . No idea if it works for that but that's why I tried it and heavens to Betsy it's cured my ibsD and being sick when I was going anywhere or meeting someone. Life was just Hell but not now .

    I was told to take it at night which I did for a couple of months then the side effect of restless legs Started so I now take one in the morning with no dopiness . The sedative in it can't be strong when you can buy it overthecounter . It did help me sleep at night without sleeping pills which was an added bonus. As long as you aren't on Amitriptyline you will be okay I'm sure.


  • Hello Shona,

    Thanks for your reply, I will def be giving this pill a go, will nip to the chemist next week and see what they have.

    I also wonder if something like valerian might also work, it is natural and a mild sedative also used for anxiety.

    Do you ever wonder about coming off your dose yet? Or taking a pill every other day to see if you are cured off pills? Like your gut might have healed it's self?

    Thanks again, and so happy you are better :)

    . xx

  • Valerian not strong enough for my problem . I haven't considered cutting down on Phenergan as I haven't been using it very long . I don't take a huge doze anyway. As I've said on many occasions I would take anything for as long as I have to to give me an ordinary life. Do not feel guilty in whatever you take to help you through each day whether it be tranquillisers , Imodium , buscopan , it doesn't matter if you can get through each day. It's your life and you must live it as best you can and as long as it's legal drugs take them.

    I have tried every concoction available from books, cd, psychiatrist , hypnotherapy, antidepressants you name it I've tried it. Phenergan has been such a miracle and if I have to be on it forever so be it.


  • That is so great to hear you say and I could not agree more πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Yep and you are right, as long as you need to to have a normal life again, best wishes and thanks again. I will post back and let you know how I get on.

  • Just been reading your posts with great interest, so happy that someone has found something that helps with this miserable condition. Is Phenergan available in the UK over the counter, I would be willing to try anything to help my IBS C&D, tried just about everything else with out success.

  • Phenergan can be bought in Boots Β£7.99 for 56 25mg tablets . There is also a liquid form but that works out a bit expensive . One a day at night to start with and see if you have any side effects . I had restless legs which is a side effect so I take one in the morning. Life is so much better and g.p is happy for me to take it.

    The pharmacy might ask why you want it so just say it's for travel sickness and you have had it before.

    I hope it's as big a miracle for you as for me and a couple of others .

    Good luck and keep I touch with your progress . Fingers crossed


  • Thanks Shon, I never feel sick with my IBS, mainly pain & discomfort and sometimes bloating & constipation. I have tried Buscopan, peppermint oil, Colefac and various other pills, FODMAP & Symprove probiotics without success so will try Phenergan and keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again Shon. So glad it works for you.

  • You are very welcome .


  • Hey nick, I brought mine over the counter yesterday at boots, just said someone recommended it for travel sickness,, no questions asked.

    Shona, I have taken the liquid as they did not really have loads of choice and I was worried about over dosing. How do you deal with the drowsiness? If any? I can work , but there are days I have to drive... Best not to take?

    Thanks in advance. X

    Good luck Nick, report back.

  • Try it at night , Myrtle . Gives you a great sleep but just watch for any side effects. I stop and start them depending if the restless legs come back. I've had three nights now with great sleep and no restless legs but I know it won't last and then I'll take one in the morning. The drowsiness goes away once you have been on it for a while. For me , taking it at night gives me a few nights without sleeping pills. That's always a bonus.

    I would have bought the tablets personally as they are much better value.

    I would think if you get relief from Phenergan and its in your system , have found a new confidence in yourself I would try taking it on alternate nights/days. I think I am ready to do that now . I'll try it at some point in December as I have too many nervous making appointments this month.

    Take care

    Shona πŸ˜€

  • Hello Shona, thanks so much for your replay again. Great advice. Yep if it works I will go to a different chemist and buy pills. I like you have found new confidence with it now, much feel great, and I would welcome the better sleep as I wake up too early then can not get back to sleep.

    Thanks again , I. I'll keep you updated. X

  • Today I had my appointment with the oncologist and happy to say I am now in my fourth year in remission , brilliant. The best thing is I DID NOT TAKE ANYTHING to get me there. This is the first time I have ever been able to do something which would have me in the toilet a thousand times before leaving the house and would also be vomiting due to anxiety and stress. Phenergan has been my miracle and can't believe I'm so well .


    Shona πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Great news about the remission, Shona, you must be over the moon and I'm really glad for you.

    Phenergan is still working stunningly well for me. I've now managed to reintroduce almost all of the high-FODMAPs, but am having to take it slowly on the dairy front as this gave me a few (very mild) probs. So pleased it's still working for you too.

    It's been a real born-again experience for me to be able to plan a whole 3 days out with friends this coming weekend confident that I'll be okay.

    I think I really do believe in miracles after all!!


  • Gosh, it's just wonderful isn't it ? I decided not to take Phenergan today just to try and see how I got on. Went into Glasgow , had a Chinese meal for lunch and still feel great . What's it all about eh???

    I pray we both stay like this although I am putting on weight which is something I never had a problem with before.

    Go sister !!!!!!! Lol


  • Rosie,

    How is your IBS-D....are you still taking the Phenergan tablets.

  • Morning, my symptoms were pains in tummy which I had to get to a toilet immediately and always had diarrhoea . I could go a hundred times a day . My IBSD was totally stress and anxiety not food related. I couldn't eat because of it . I latterly took Imodium like sweeties , buscopan and diazapam when I had to go to appointments . Life was just hell .

    Found Phenergan by accident and my life has turned around since day one of taking it. Give it a try if your IBS is due to stress/anxiety .


  • Wow!!! That sounds really encouraging. I too have dealt with this painful and humiliating condition. That you so much. I will give it a try.

  • Let me know how you get on with it . Shona

  • Just ordered some Phenergan tablets online Shona. Do you think it will help with my symptoms which are mainly pain, cramps, bloating and constipation and very occasional runs if I take too many laxatives. Never feel sick but suffer lots of stomach gurgling (always feels like I have a stomach bug or food poisoning)

  • I have never had constipation always diarrhoea and cramps, pain . It has been such a miracle for me and to be able to go out and meet people , eat out and just have as normal a life as I think normal is is the best . I wish you luck on it . You might, like me , have to tweek it to suit you . I started taking it at night which helped me stop the sleeping tablets but then restless legs started which is a side effect so started taking it in the morning and hasn't made any difference except back to sleeping tablets but in a few days once the restless legs stop I'll try it at night again. Fingers crossed it helps you . Do you get into a state about going to functions etc? I was awful and would make any excuse to not go --- changed days and it's wonderful .


  • Hello,

    After a really bad flare up of my IBS C, I was looking at all the posts. Could Phenergan be helpful for IBS C? I am also on citalopram. Would it be ok to take both? Thank you

  • I have tried citalopram and I can honestly say I was worse than before I tried it. I'm on Prozac and it has no side effects with the Phenergan . For all it costs to buy it's well worth giving it a go . It was IbsD I had but I would still try it and you could always take senokot if it makes your constipation worse. It's just to try and calm your insides down .

    Wish you luck but Google citalopram with Phenergan first as I would hate you to be more unwell than you are.


  • Hi I have just been readin all your comments. I to have ibs and have managed it fairly well until recently. I am now in my sixties and this last few months have not been so good, like you I do think stress and anxiety makes it worse for me. I am having such a lot of pains/cramps and some serious diarrhoea. I thought I would give the phenargen a try but I see that it comes in various strengths, what do you use or suggest.

    Many thanks.

  • Hi Charanne, the Phenergan I used was one at night 25mg. You can take it in the morning too. I had to stop using it at night as it gave me restless legs. It did give me a great sleep up until then. My oncologist has changed my cancer drug and it doesn't react well with Prozac which the g.p gave me for depression . Anyway, I am now on an anti depressant called Venlafaxine , an old drug which I can honestly say is working a treat. No IBS , no anxiety . Brilliant . Give the Phenergan a try as it's over the counter but if it doesn't work I would recommend that you go to your g.p and maybe mention this drug. I wish you well and keep in touch .


  • Hello Shona, I have been reading all your posts re: Phenergan and have just started taking them - I notice that your posts say '1 year ago' tho' the one above says '8 days ago' so does this mean you are still on the Phenergen currently, and are you still benefitting from it??

    I was so 'lifted' after reading your posts and I am hoping so much they will work for me!! IBS is SUCH a debilitating illness.

  • Hi Jilly , Phenergan was such a miracle for me and I hope it is for you . I used it at night but after a few months although I was feeling great with no IBS-D , sleeping great BUT I started getting restless legs which was driving me mad . I stopped it at night and took it in the morning and still worked for me. I only take it very occasionally now if I'm having a particular stressful appointment , which to most normal people wouldn't be stressful . I can go anywhere now , out to eat , go to hospital, dentists without having panic attacks and diarrhea. Just keep an eye on the restless legs situation . It works for some and not for others. My g.p said it's an old fashioned antihistamine which has a sedative effect and as I had suffered for 40 years if it works keep taking it. I have noticed though that it's behind the pharmacy counter now and I asked one of the girls and she said it's because mothers were crushing one up to get their children to sleep --- crikey !!!!! So, if you are going to keep trying them you will need to tell them that it's for an allergy or travel sickness. Keep in touch and I really hope these wee pills help you like they did me.


  • Thank you for your reply I think I will give it a try. I have had a really bad day today, no diarrhoea but terrible pain, not good.

  • Hi shon,

    Are these pills still available over the counter.

    Or will I need a prescription

    Ps are this available from Llyods pharmacies?


  • I'm sure lloyds will have them but it's an old fashioned antihistamine and the last time I got them I had to ask at the pharmacy dept. They will probably ask you if you have had them before ,just say yes and that it's for travel sickness. It can be bought in liquid form too but works out more expensive. Good luck but watch out for restless legs . Shona

  • Thank you Shon,

    Will try it...

  • So can the anxiety be a subconscious thing?

    Day before im due back to work and i have a flare up ugh so frustrating, went all through christmas fine then the day im due back it changes. But i didnt think i was stressed or anxious, in fact i felt pretty good! Any ideas?

  • What i forgot to mention was that i have been taking actimal as a probiotic but forgot the few days before i had a flare up so maybe that could have caused it? Anyone had this happen?

  • Are you having food IBS ??

  • It's most certainly a mental health issue. I never felt stressed or anxious either but the tummy and bowels didn't believe my brain. If this is a relatively new condition for you then go to the g.p and there are lots of non drug help you can get . I believe cognitive therapy is a great help if it isn't a long standing problem. Shona

  • Yeah fairly new, only been last year and a bit. Some foods make it worse i have found so took them out but not tried them again yet

  • Sounds like the opposite of my problem . If you are intolerant of some foods then best not to eat them and if you have a few weeks without any problems try those foods again and you will know that it's a food issue. Shona

  • Anyone else here use the probiotic called "inner health plus"??

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