MRI Scan

Hello all. I had my MRI Scan on Thursday.

Noisy machine, but it is so good to have had the opportunity to be looked at deep,inside myself.

I have Nerve root issues in my back and legs as well,as all the other stuff.

The pain is always there in my left side, and has been excrutiating when pulsing down my left side and into my leg.

I hope,they found something that can help apart from the usual pain killers.

My IBS is being rather good at the moment, ( I am in the FODMAP). Diet.

It works for,most days, but still,have the odd one when I eat something that is OK in the book, but not OK for me.

I have found some naughty FREE FROM foods that are brilliant.

I have also started on FARLEY'S risks would you believe?

OK for babies I thought so,I give them a try. Very OK.

I live on Nairn's oat biscuits, stem Ginger ones in particular and I have found FREE FROM foods at Morrison's in the biscuit shelves as well.( other supermarkets sell FREE,FROM too. I just happened to be where a Morrison's was.)

I am brilliant with Lactose Free milk,,and De caffe.tea.

Salad Spinach and Sardines from tins, plus BRIE cheese is also,good.

I have spent a lot of money buying all these foods, to try them out to see if they are OK

crunch will come in the Winter when perhaps when salads stuff is not freely available.

I see my dietician in August.

I still have not put on any weight because I don't eat rubbish food any more. practically vegetarian,gluten wheat and lactose free too.

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  • I love your positive attitude, and the fact you have taken on wholeheartedly these investigations and adaptations to diet. Also that the extra cost of providing yourself with different menus hasn't phased you one bit!

    On that topic--cost--I now don't eat a fraction of the items I used to--no rubbish biscuits, cakes, asparagus, garlic.... And my nemesis, fresh-baked bread from our artisan bakery with lashings of honey! (Wow. Once identified, what a no-no honey proved to be! Too high in fructose)

    Once the grocery bill settles down it proves no worse than 'normal'. I do now have a load of conventional basics in my larder, but my family can consume them during their (rare) visits.

    Once you've rumbled the theory and got started, fodmap isn't as hard as a weight-reduction diet, in my view. Just different. There's still fats, most sugars, plenty of fruit and veg, and all meats, fish, cheeses.

    Like you, Elsiepretoria1, I am now finding some items or foods that are FODMAP-wise considered to be OK, but that don't suit my particular gut. But they are few and far between, and the shock of an attack of gut-pain and constipation, after weeks of being so much better on the diet, certainly helps to "concentrate the mind".

    And like you, I have lost some weight and belly-fat, and returned to my shape of thirty years ago--a nice side-effect.

    Thank you for your cheering post. Good luck as you pursue your regime.

  • Hi,

    I was interested to read your comment that you have nerve root issues in your back and legs.

    I have had so-called IBS for over 4 years now along with pinched spinal nerves (for which I had unsuccessful surgery a year ago). Having done a huge amount of reading up on both subjects, I eventually discovered that it's highly likely the two conditions are connected. Spinal nerves govern the behaviour of different organs/areas of our bodies - some in particular being responsible for the organs in the pelvic cavity, e.g. the bowel. Not a single medic has ever suggested this connection to me although it seems to be common enough once you start looking for info.

    From my reading, I gather that a neurosurgeon is much more likely to be successful at correcting the problem rather than orthopaedics so am seeing my GP on Friday to ask for a referral.

    It also seems that some chiropracters are trained in spinal manipulation to relieve IBS symptoms.

    Don't know if this helps, but I hope so.

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