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Amitrytiline Dosage?

Hello, I have tried all the usual stuff to help my IBS. At the moment I am following the low FODMOP diet, taking Symprove and giving amitryptiline a go. I struggle to get the dosage right though. Anything below 25mg doesn't seem to do much but 50mg is very sedating and seems to cause bad stomach pain (which wasn't really a problem originally). I'd be interested to know if anyone has found amitryptiline helpful.

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I'm on 25mg and it helps me. At this dosage its supposed to be a mild pain relief and sedative. As you move up the strength the other side effects (drowsy and dry mouth are two) start getting worse


I found 25mg Amitriptyline helpful initially but now makes no difference.


With Amitryptiline you have to experiment in order to get the right strength for you. I started with 25g but now on 75g. Has helped enormously. Yes I get the dry mouth thing but I always have bottled water at the ready. I also

Follow FODPAP diet. Also helpful. Before this treatment., I struggled to stay out of A & E where I was given morphine injections, as the abdominal pain was so bad as well as other symptoms like projectile vomiting. So to me, a dry mouth is preferable !!

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10mg amitriptyline seems to be perfect for me, I do feel slightly groggy

first thing but it quickly wears off as I begin my day. I have had much

improvement since I began taking it.


Thanks for your replies. Glad to hear has helped some people. Think I'll stick with it and hopefully find dose that suits me.


I was advised to take my amitryptaline at night before bed so it would sort out my ibs and I'd get a good night's sleep. It worked for my sleeping, sadly this doesn't work for my ibs.

Why don't you try taking it at night instead :)


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