Amitriptyline dosage?

I've read on this site that amitriptyline works well for some people with IBS-D. I've tried it at both 10mg and 20mg, but neither had any effect. I'm wondering if any of you, for whom it's beneficial, perhaps take it at a higher dose and at what time of day you take it.

I'd be glad if somebody could come back to me on this as I'm seeing my GP again next week.

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  • Hiya, I've been taking amitriptyline for about four years now. I've had several different dosages, started at 10mg which did nothing (back then), and gradually my GP upped the dose until last year I was on 50mg. I stayed on that dose for a while but my IBS was very settled, so I decided, with my GP's approval, to try to come off it all together. Tapered the dose gradually but coming off was a very bad idea! Both my IBS and my reflux played merry hell, so in January this year I went back on it. Started at 10mg again, but this only had marginal effects so now I am on 25mg and that seems to keep me stable. (I do also take mebeverine (Colofac) though). My GP advised to always take the amitriptyline at night, as it can make you drowsy. It does help me sleep, I find. Hope that helps!

  • Hi and thanks very much for your reply. Think I need to talk to my GP about this again.

  • Hello

    Amitriptyline didn't help me but I can't remember the dosage I'm afraid. But what has helped was Seroxat/20mg (although there is a lot of controversy surrounding this drug...hence I came off it some years ago) and Citalpram/20mg. I went of both of these drugs due to panic attacks due to the unpredictable nature of my IBS. They both worked. Anitdepressants may seem like a heavy duty answer to the problem but when you live with IBS (as I have done for 37 years!) heavy-duty is what it needed!

  • Hi Larks, thanks very much for your reply. Like so much else about IBS, it's horses for courses in the end I think, regarding what works and what doesn't. I'll definitely be talking to my GP about this again.

  • Hi I take a high dose of Amitriptyline every night to help with my IBS symptoms,I could not do without them now-I would suggest that you ask your docter for a higher dose and I also take 2x135mg tablets 3 times a day,they also help with my IBS-dont give up and get whats best for you!! :-)

  • Hi. What medication is it that you take 2x135mg tablets 3 times a day? That's not the Amitriptyline is it? What dose of Amitriptyline are you on?

  • Hi I take Mebervine 2x135mg 3 times a day-I also take a dose of 50 amytriptyline each night

  • Thanks for your reply. I do the low FODMAPs diet very successfully, but thought that amitriptyline might help as well as it works directly on the nerves of the stomach.

  • I'm glad some of you have found some medication help, but I feel I've tried so many and not had any results.

    I used to be on citalopram which just gave me awful side effects and awful withdrawal symptoms when I tried to come off them. It took me months and months for my body to gradually get used to a lower and lower dose. I decided then I would never go on anti depressants again and warn other people not to take citalopram, until I learnt it actually works for some people, so I guess every ones different.

    I have come round to trying anti depressants again and I am on Amitriptyline 50mg which worked for a few weeks but now its not working any more so decided to gradually come off them. Luckily not having the awful side effects like citalopram, but still not had any good results either.

    That's my experience, though these drugs might work well for other people.

  • Thanks for replying. Yes, other people have said that they stop working after a while too.

  • I started on Amitriptyline at 10mg...then went up to 20mg...but it didn't have any effect. I then went up to 50mg but it gave me a belly ache for 2 weeks so I went back down to 20mg. I don't think that dosage makes any difference, except on my mood!

    PAGANMOON - You mentioned you are thinking of taking it for IBS-D. What is that? What does the D stand for?

  • Thanks for your reply Essex. I decided to stay away from the amitrip. as it doesn't seem to be that successful for many people.

    The D stands for diarrhoea (C for constipation, A for alternating).


  • Hi please, please get to the root cause it's more than likely something you're eating. Keep a food diary. My doctor annoyed me as every time i saw her she'd give me some new tablets to try, they are trained to treat the symptoms. Get all the tests done too, insist on having them...but be warned when mine came back "normal" I felt like I was going crazy! For me it was avoiding wheat/milk and 10mg amytriptyline that worked. Good luck any questions ask x

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