Does this sound like IBS?

For the last few months I have had this feeling like there is something stuck under my right rib, like a tennis ball or wadded up sock, and it is really starting to annoy me. At first I thought I had strained a muscle b/c I had been working out in the yard the day before it started. It doesn't hurt, it just feels like there is something there that shouldn't be, but when I touch the area there is no swelling or bulge. After about 3-4 weeks when it wasn't going away I went to see my doctor. They did blood work, urine labs and sent me for an ultrasound of gallbladder, all came back normal. I have no other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. just this feeling like something is there. It seemed to go away on it's own and then came back and has come and gone since, sometimes lasting a few days, sometimes a few weeks. It seems to be more pronounced in the afternoon/evening and when I am sitting. It is also irritated by wearing a bra. The only other symptoms I have had that I think are related are these: A few months before this started I experienced a fluttering sensation, almost like when I was pregnant and the baby moved, in the same location, below the right rib. Since this has started, on 3 or 4 different occasions, I have also experienced a charlie horse like spasm in the same area, below the right rib, when bending over from a sitting position. Does anyone have any answers as to what this might be? I read somewhere that it could be Hepatic Flexure Syndrome which falls under IBS. Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Hi!

    Yep I have all of those symptoms and they come and go. I also get in my right side a feeling like a muscle strain when my other symptoms are present. I appreciate that you describe the sensation like when a baby kicks as I have always felt that was the most accurate way to describe my sensations.

  • Hi kit4410

    I really do know that feeling what you have described I had exactly the same,I do suffer from ibs but the symptoms are different , I had to do stretching exercise for my back problem,I know now that's when the symptoms started, it got so uncomfortable I was buying different bras as I thought I was wearing wrong size but it did not help, food was becoming a problem, so a few months ago My gp sent me for a endoscopy the results were I had a hiatus hernia No treatment was given to me, the nurse gave me a fact sheet on the condition, I am not saying you have a hernia but I think you should see your gp just to be sure, I hope this helped you.

  • Yes, I will have the same pain under my right rib, have talk to my dr. & have had colonoscopy &all was clear so was told was IBS, for me is due to stress. Will have on left side also & lower left side. Am on Bendtyl for cramping...

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