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Ibs making me miserable

I have just joined this site and wanted to share my experience with IBS. I was diagnosed with IBS about a year and a half ago and was prescribed with buscapon to hl ease the symptoms, this did not help! I am 20 years old and since I have been to university it has got a lot worse. In the last 4 months I'd say it has been the worse it has ever been, it seems that everything I eat makes me so bloated I look about 3 months pregnant and struggle to fit into my clothes now, my stomach is rock hard to touch. I am also experiencing constant gas and pretty bad pain which varies but is pretty much a constant thing these days! Very rarely I am not bloated and I am extremely fed up with it! Last week I went for some blood tests to see if it was coeliac disease or something else and am still waiting on the results but I feel the doctors haven't been very helpful at all and I need some help to find some relief from this constant nightmare!

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Hi love, the doctor should have given you mebeverine as well, I take both. A few weeks ago I heard on this site, about an anti depressant for the bowel, it's called amitrypline, I think I spelt it wrong. Well I've been great since I've had that, run out now so must go to the surgery. I also stopped eating dairy, I buy almond milk or soy, which is cheaper, try and keep of wheat as well, gluten free bread is expensive though. Also keep a food diary, to see what triggers it off, ear about the food map diet on the Internet. I know stress triggers mine off, and certain foods. It's a debilitating problem, it really gets you down, which is a trigger in itself. Go to the Drs and ask for what I've mentioned above ope you'll be o.k xx


Thanks :) the doctor has prescribed me with these peppermint oil tablets which have been helping a little and has booked me in with a dietrition to help with my diet; also she mentioned the fodmap diet so I will try that out. At my next appointment I will ask for what you suggested :)


Hi you will have to watch what you eat or it could be a combination of

food. The Fodmap diet will give you an idea of which foods are likely

to be the culprits. I too take Amitripyline and its made a huge

difference to me and also Mebeverine. Make sure you have plenty of

drinks and dont eat large meals. If I have bloating I find a hot water

bottle on the tummy helps enormously. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you x


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