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No one understands

One of the biggest problems I have suffering from IBS and Gastritis is that no one really understands.... I have family and friends diagnosed with IBS - but they don't really suffer with it, not really - the odd bloated day. There are no visable symptoms so I'm sure most people think I am a hypochondriac or over reacting - I'm on low fodmap diet and I get laughed at and teased for being yet someone else with a faddy diet, "don't give in to it " I'm told " the more you follow faddy diets the more you will suffer" I'm told - they don't understand I will try just about anything to feel well and normal and lead a life of some sort, how I would love to be able to eat a packet of sweets, an ice cream or a chocolate bar and not be in pain - a Chinese take away or pizza. "Just have one" I'm told "go mad, just do it" they say - they do not have a clue :( My partner is fantastic and is probably the only one who really sees my suffering - not just physical but all consuming suffering - im not sure he understands it but he sees this is truly hurting me and I am not doing this for fun .... You need someone in your life who sees your suffering and supports you in the battle to be "normal" x

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Oh dear, I understand totally just how you feel as I get the same comments. You have summed up perfectly how others respond to our situation.

It's hard to keep how you are feeling to yourself when you are in pain. Other people who have normal healthy lives will never understand. I have IBS and a heart that plays up too and very few people understand how it effects my everyday life. I live on my own, so only have my two daughters for support, but I know they really don't want to hear about it and I'm sure they think I'm bit of a hypochondriac too. I just accept this is the way it is now, but do at times feel a bit sorry for myself which I'm beginning to realise is a waste of time. I just have to get on with it.

Big healing hug to you and hope that one day you find a cure.



I don't feel sorry for myself as such, I am resigned to it all and I never demand special food etc - I take my own gluten free rolls if I think bread is needed and I eat around what everyone else is having when at friends etc. yes I talk about it if asked as its a massive part of my life but I don't expect sympathy - just an attempt at empathy and a little understanding - most of the time I can manage it now but that does mean I don't eat cake and chocolate or drink lots of alcohol and people seem to think I'm being boring and a little bit ridiculous, but hey reading through the posts on here I obviously don't have it as bad as some x


The other day I read Sophie's Story...she has a website called IBStales.com I really recommend you read her story, you can download it to kindle from Amazon...I stayed up all night reading it because I could relate so much to everything she went through.she suggests getting your family to read it so they can understand how debilitating IBS can be. Her website is really helpful, all the treatment are reviewed by readers. I have been following FODMAP too, and a couple days ago decided to go wheat free so I am hoping this will make a difference. Take care .


Thank you I will have a look x


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