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Recently I have experienced an excruciating flare up of my disabling health conditions 1) hemiplegic migraine (I collapse unable to move or use my left upper or lower limb for roughly 24 hours 2) IBS syndrome especially the nausea& vomiting, pain /bloating /flatulence. I think increased stress has caused my deterioation as I have been worse since I read online that the conservative government are considering abolishing DWP benefit contributory based esa also contributory based jsa. This benefit contributory based esa (I am in the support group of esa benefit and not WRAG group) is a lifeline for me as I am not eligible for income related esa. My health

conditions which also include mental health conditions bipolar affective disorder and post traumatic stress disorder means it will be near impossible to find (in current employment shortage climate where employers are reluctant to give jobs to people with chronic enduring disability) and maintain an employed paid job. Apologies for ranting on. Nevertheless it is cruel for UK government to consider forcing individuals like myself to undergo further additional stress (naturally associated with deterioating health status) and seek virtually non existent jobs they are unlikely to be well enough to do. I fear that if the UK government are permitted to let this act of legalisation go through a significant number of ill disabled people will suffer. This change the UK government is proposing applies to individuals that have worked hard and paid their necessary national insurance contributions all their working lives. Suddenly these people will find their national insurance contributions will not allow them to access essential financial state help if they are ill - the benefit will not be there. My friends and I have started an online petition that gives more information about this subject. Please look at petition if you may be affected by the government's proposal to abolish contributory based esa and jsa. Apologies again for my rant. I worked as a medical doctor in NHS for over 28 years and during this time paid a significant amount of income tax and national insurance contributions to UK government. I feel that I am receiving substandard treatment for my health conditions from a failing NHS moreover my entitlement to the necessary financial benefits I need to keep a roof over my head are slowly being eroded away by this non

sympathetic UK government. Since permantly retiring from NHS work due to poor health I have campaigned for the rights of sick and disabled hence why I started this petition. Last week I spoke to my MP GEOFFREY ROBINSON about the unfairness of this proposed alteration in benefit regulations who agreed to accept petition and take it to house of Parliament if I can gain enough signatures.

https:// change.org/p/dwp-stop-the-s... and jsa

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petition link should read change.org/p/dwp-stop-the-s...


No goverment stops benefits for people who are in dire need and

not able to take paid work. It is possible that some cannot find paid

work that pays as well as benefits, but that is another story.


I agree with you in principle. Nevertheless the institute of fiscal studies IFS have produced articles suggesting conservative government are considering abolishing contribution based esa and jsa. For people not eligible for income based esa or jsa they would be eligible for no sick related payment even if they can demonstrate they are sick. For example person involved in a road traffic accident sustaining broken leg if they were living in a household where someone (partner) is working would be ineligible to income based ESA support even if the

working persons income is relatively low (minimum wage). The person with broken leg would be expected to be financed by working person (partner). The person with broken leg would struggle to do any paid job satisfactorily and is unlikely to be employed by employer. If the abolition of contribution based esa and jsa occurs many hard working families will suffer. I do agree with you that to date no government has permitted genuine ill people suffer that cannot work. This may be about to change however under new proposals put forward by IFS and conservative government. For many poorer families 2 incomes coming in regularly is essential to keep up mortgage payments and avoid eviction.


Additional information suggesting that the DWP have removed entitlement to financial support/benefits from vulnerable needy individuals with health needs also exists. There are on line text/database publications of statistics detailing the number of people who have committed suicide within 6 weeks of being refused an application for ESA/JSA Initial enquiries into these deaths suggest some possibly a high number of these suicides are attributable to the suicide applicants case being mishandled and wrong decisions being made. I find the UK based medical assessment of individuals entitlement to financial benefits ESA/PIP extremely discriminatory and concerning. The United nations convention for disability rights and European human rights act have questioned the legality of the UK'S management of disability rights - outcome of ongoing enquiry pending.



im sorry but your wrong, this system under Ian Duncan Smith is not being implemented correctly, and the courts are not assessing cases fairly, evidence is down to the claimant to find firstly (not everybody is trained in medicine so this is very difficult) and what evidence you find is ignored.

Unless you have some savings to pay for legal representation you are stuffed.

You should look in to this if you dont want to take my word for it.


Petition signed and shared on sites


its not signed, as the link is not working


thank you for reading my post.

correct petition link is change.org/p/dwp-stop-the-s...


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