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A little problem

Hi I was reading a post from lit27st and in reading on found that some

folks had received the same mis-diagnosis as myself. About 5 or 6 years ago

I beleved I had piles and admit trying to treat myself rather than face an

embarrassing examination, Well tried various creams to no avail and made

myself ill with discomfort into the bargain, I know what a silly girl. Eventually

realised that I would have to bite the bullet, after an examination the gp

agreed with me and gave me a prescription which she assured me would

do the trick, it didnt after trying various other things I gave in because I was in so much pain and they were bleeding, life was intolerable, I couldnt

delay any longer and went privately, After another examination she asked

if I had been examined by my gp, oh yes why do you ask, because you

have not got piles you have a prolapsed rectum. To cut a long story short

I had to have it removed which brought with it a whole set of new problems

along with my Ibs which have been life changing. I have yet to speak to

anyone with the same problem, its been horrible and the only advice I

was given was, take immodium, great!. By the way because of the delay

in diagnosis I had my operation privately to avoid any further delay, but

still had no advice offered, its been a long 6 years but ive had to learn

coping strategies to help me lead an anything like normal life.


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Mebeverine is good more stomach cramps


Is good for stomach champs I meant to say


I have had ibs most of my adult life and mebeverine is one of the things

I currently take. I have recently started taking amitripyline, one at night

and immodium in the mornings and so far much better than anything

ive tried before. I actually nearly always take a hot water bottle to bed

with me as I find it most comforting for a bloated tummy, not too hot

just less than boiling water.



Shirley, I did exactly the same but 10 years ago. It took me along time to get past my embarrassment. I too was given no advice after the op and through trial and error found fibre clear (on line) I just stir a spoonful into my drink each day and it keeps everything moving along nicely And seèms to control the cramps


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