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Hi, so glad I can use this site and realise it's a very common ailment. I have recently started with Ibs afteryears of not having symptoms. I have started a new job in a office last year and I knew that my Ibs would start up as sitting down all day ,and within two weeks it did .

My main question I get a uncomfortable feeling in my womb area every time my Ibs starts. I am always positive it's a water infection (no burning) then I have a sample test and the doctor says its clear.

Does anyone else have this? I have had a ultrascan and everything is ok .

Thank you


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I get this too, have taken urine samples to be tested and found to be clear. It feels like a low dragging ache across my lower abdomen.


I have great sympathy for you. I too get a feeling of water infection symptoms it surges and feel similar to period pain. I have a history of IBS & Diverticular disease and the stomach pains are unbearable. I find using a hot water bottle helps ease it or a heat pad. It also gets me in the bottom of my back. Hope you soon find a remedy to help you.


Low dragging ache can be a sign of some gyna problem ie endometriosis as with me suggest to be on the safe side get it checked out


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