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Help please

I am young, I feel pain in my cheats and pain in my right rib on the bottom, like my ribs are tighten and I can see my heart beat right between my boobs almost by my ribs... I've been getting really light headed and hard to swallow, it's even hard to breath, I feel like I have air stuck in my throat close to the bottom of my neck. On April 6 I went to the hospital cause I have hard time breathing and all the other symptoms, got my blood tested and a pee test they came in all clear! So I really don't know what to do... I know something's wrong I've stopped eating to and my hands get cold and my feet. Please help 😊

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It could be symptoms of stress. You must go back to your GP and do t be frightened to tell him all your worries especially those you have told us and the not eating.


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