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Help im bloated or gas stomach since many years.

Hi im david and in mornings or even other time everyday im bloated and gas im only 18 even at school when is no noise or no talk or even studing in class im afraid that my stomach makes sound like gas (fart) and sometimes gets like that . I want a relationship and im afraid that something bad could happen.

I get it even at home when lots of people is here. Help i was at the doctor and i got multulim.

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You need to go to GP. It may just be something very simple like the way you are eating- too quickly not chewing enough etc, or what you are eating - too many spicy or fatty things, or just too much altogether. See if you can get referred to nutritionist, dietician. As a young man you shouldn't need to put up with this and you need to find out what the problem is. Do t be embarrassed there are people who can help you.


Charcoal tablets might help but recommend advice given by sashapet


There are many home remedies that are really effective and can help you with your stomach gas trouble.

Drinking freshly made ginger and peppermint tea can ease you out.

Mix a teaspoon of Brandy with warm water and drink it, this will give you relief from gas

This article will throw some light



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