Can anyone help? My IBS has flared up again and I have been waking up several times a night with severe pain than can last anywhere from 10mins at time to about an hour. During the day I get the same severe bouts but less frequently and for less time. The rest of the time I have a low level of constant pain. I have had episodes like this in the past but they usually only last a couple of days, it has been seven days now. I went back to the doctor and was given buscopan (max dose) and Colpermin, it does not work, if anything it is getting worse at night. I have had antispasmodics such as this in the past, mebeverine included, and they have not worked. Any advice?

My condition is usually managed with diet, occasionally I get bad flare ups.

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  • I am exactly the same! Buscopan and mebeverine dont touch mine each. It's not a miracle cure but have you tried the peppermint oil gastro resistant capsules? I've found they ease the pain a fair bit

  • I am currently taking those capsules too, they do not seam to work either. How long did you take them for before they worked?

  • hi have you been referred to a specialist? have you tried a fod diet. have you tried actimel takes awhile to work it way to improve the gut as stomach acids attack the good enzymes. check vit d level- i did and mine was low. where exactly is the pain- do get diahorea? iv been better with less tea/coffee less sugar, no artifcl sweetners, no onions or cabbage/greens, no mishrooms or fizzy drinks. sometimes yoga can help even when your in pain. heat on groin helps me and trying to laugh even when in pain- put favourite comedy on the tv. occasional ginger wine/ brandy helps.

    hope this helps.


  • Thanks Graham. I have only been to see a consultant once and that was years ago. I have ordered books on the FOD diet and just waiting for them to arrive. I never thought about vitamin D, I have had low levels in the past, I will start the vitamins again. The pain I get is mainly in my lower abdominal area and towards my left side. Usually I do suffer from diahorea but not this time. Yoga has helped me in the past but I am struggling to find time to get to the classes. I do drink a lot of tea (containing sugar), I will cut this down see if it helps. I think trying to have a laugh is a great idea, but I can't seam to sit still when the pains bad.

  • hi iv been much better since i cut back nmy tea to two a day. i dont drink much tea when on holiday so maybe the reason im so much better on hol than at home. iv always easten fast. hard to break the habit of a life time. i tend to eat more slowly on hol too as nothing to rush off to do. all makes sense. i wish i had known about vit d years ago. i usually have ibs to some degree 2-3 times a week . since doing the above have been more like 1-1/2 a week and much less severe.

    keep well!


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