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Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with SIBO for more than 6 months with constant bloating and high abdominal discomfort. I often feel "sick to my stomach"....Two rounds of xifaxan did little to minimize the symptoms which ultimately all returned. I have followed the low fodmap diet for 4 months now as well as my GIs suggestions to no avail. Do you have any thoughts?

Thanks, Ellie9

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Are you well enough to undertake thorough detox. If so have a look at Dr Jensens Guide to Better Bowel Care. You can go for colonics too. Also look at Finchley clinic website re Oxypowder and similar products but you need the thorough detox first.

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Thank you!!


If you have not been referred to a dietitian by your gastroenterologist I would recommend asking for a referral as the low fodmap diet is not a diet for life and is a diet to help to learn which foods are causing problems. The evidence for the Low fodmap diet being helpful for IBS is with dietetic treatment and dietitians can ensure you are following the most up to date information and can help you to have a varied diet. It might be worth giving it another go! SIBO can also result in vitamin deficiencies and the dietitian can assess your diet and ensure you are having adequate nutrition.


Thank you. I have been seeing a dietitian and I have tried to reintroduce some higher fodmap foods. At this point I am pretty uncomfortable 24-7 and it is hard t know which foods may be contributors. It is odd as I can be uncomfortable for most of the day, seemingly regardless of what I eat, and then have a sudden breakthrough for a few hours. I have added fiber caplets to my diet at night which may help with constipation but seem to make me very uncomfortable higher up in the abdomen. It all seems like a never ending process.... I do appreciate your suggestions.


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