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Response to vegetarian help

Hi everyone who responded re my poser. I was on the FODMAP diet but finished a couple of years back, because my health is now so bad and all my tests have come back negative I have asked my dietitian if she can help me to add as many ingredients to my diet as is possible for my health sake. Thanks for the advice I will see what the dietitian says about this!

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i have been vegetarian for over 30 years with occasional lapses by eating fish. I am not fan of dairy so eat a lot of beans and lentils which as you imagine can cause problems with IBS with bloating and gas. i stick to non processed, organic foods and basic recipes, roast and steam veggies and don't have stuff that sets me off like strong onions and chilli, if I have onion I have spring onion or a mild, small shallot,


Thank you your information is useful, more than the doctors have ever told me, only one problem bean and pulse allergy!


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