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IBS very painful


During the last 8 months I have been woken up in the early hours of the morning with gnawing pains in the pit of my stomach. I have had IBS for a long time but never this bad & it usually goes after a week or so. This pain can last all day & then disappear for a few days, it is also accompanied by burning in my rectum & stomach. I am worried because it is getting more frequent & painful. I was in hospital & they gave me an enema which my Doctor was not pleased about because she thought they would give me a scan. My question is does anyone else suffer with these symptoms when their IBS flares up & what sort of time does it last for. Gyni problems have been ruled out although the pain is very similar to bad period pains. Any help or reassurance would be appreciated

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Hi! Lilacs-my GP said to me if your symptoms change always come back and see him so he can check it out so that is my suggestion to you. Also who ruled out gyni problems?


Hi Linley

The hospital ruled it out. I wondered if it has it me hard this time because it has not been bothering me for some time. Also I went I was admitted they did lots of blood tests for inflammation ect. I am a bit of a coward really & do not like to be poked & prodded.


Being prodded and poked is no worse than the pain I get with my IBS and it does not last as long. Good luck


Thanks Linley, I am not has young has I was & have other health issues. I must admit I have been pretty stressed lately, I dont suppose that helps.


I am 62 so I am a bit old in the tooth but touch wood I have not got any other health issues so I understand your apprehension to be prodded and poked. Good Luck


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