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I have suffered from IBS for about 4 years now. The symptoms had gotten progressively worse over time before it was diagnosed and i began to make attempts to get it under some kind of control. I suffered severe bloating, , wind, gas, you name . I underwent a colonoscopy and all to no avail. Finally i realised what triggered my symptoms and what provided sustained relief . For me it has been to simply avoid over eating and when i do eat i eat only when i am actually hungry . If i am not hungry . IE no hunger pangs then i don't eat, I have found that since i adopted this practice literally all of IBS symptoms have disappeared as well as those few extra pounds that had creeped in which i had

difficulty shifting. It might not work for everyone but for me it has been a revolution in my quality of life with IBS Because i now eat only when i am hungry i can enjoy a good square meal any side of the day and plenty of fruits and veg spaced throughout the week. As soon as i over eat the effects are instantaneous so for me this practice of eating only when i am hungry and not over eating has now become a way of life.

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Thank you soooo much for this information of hope!! I have exactly the same symptoms as you used to have and for as long as you have had.. I'm definitely going to try to only eat when I am actually hungry, even if it doesn't work for me, it is still something to try that I haven't before :) thank you so much and long may your successful eating habits continue :) how many days roughly was it till you began realising this is definitely working for you?



Hi I noticed immediately. Over eating just left m feeling sooo uncomfortable but not just the usual full feeling but a pressing discomfort that took a long time to settle down . Because I am now only eatng when I am hungry my food variation has been narrowed tremendously since there are only so many hours in the day. I actually began using this method after my symptoms began getting worse when I would eat. It can be a bit anti social at times though. As someone else said they hardly get hungry and its the same with me. I find my threshold is very low. Even a couple of cashew nuts can relieve my hunger pangs.


I too found this very interesting I know that books about ibs,, specialists etc do say have small meals,and don't drink with meals, and I am trying this just a few days now as I tend to eat too much, too fast. I am also interested to know how long it took and do you eat all foods or are you on a fodmaps diet? Glad it worked for you.


No, no food maps although that might be a good idea. It was really just a matter of listening to my body and recognising real hunger from mental hunger. The moment I over eat I begin feeling the effects. I just noticed that my body ran a lot more efficiently and smoothly. my bowel movements more consistent, and regular. I cant say it took any particular length of time. It was just instantaneous but the longer I stick to my routine the better I felt as though my body mechanics have become more stabilised. I used to wake in the morning looking as though I was five months pregnant. Now I wake feeling normal and sleep far better too. Oh also avoid fizzy drinks and drink plenty water .


Hi 0Tool

I was very interested after reading your post as I too suffer the same way you do (constipated all the time also), I thought about trying your cure but if I did I don't know if I would ever eat again as I never ever feel hungry !!!!!!

Regards Jay


Hi oTool, fantastic news and with all of the advice you can find, the pills and potions and you have come up with a common sense approach - only eat when hungry! Well done to you and if all of us ate like this there would probably be no obesity. Well I think I shall have a go as well. Well done :)


Absolutely agree with this 100%. Had IBS all my life and couldn't understand why. Overeating led to this condition. If you overeat, there is too much food for your stomach to digest. This means that a lot of carbohydrate sits in your colon undigested, feeding bacteria. This can lead to bacterial overgrowth or SIBO and all the other IBS symptoms that come with it, like delayed evacuation. As soon as I stopped overeating, and just ate when I was hungry and ate smaller portions of food - not until I was full - my IBS symptoms disappeared. I find eating early in the evening helps a lot too, say 6.30 pm. Thoroughly recommend people try this if they have IBS / GERD.

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