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Not endo... IBS?

Hey everyone...

I had a laproscopy last week in hope to explain why I was having constant pelvic pain, erratic periods, painful sex and chronic fatigue.

There was no endometriosis found.

And my GP reckons it could be bowel related.

I sometimes notice I have blood after a bowel movement, fresh coloured. But because I was always having a period I just thought it was that!!! But now they have calmed down and stopped I've noticed there is still blood...

Someone mentioned the possibility of adenomyosis as well... And that it could still be endometriosis just microscopic.

I think I'm being referred for a colonoscopy- so if any one has experienced that...

Getting a little impatient with not knowing what the diagnosis is... :(

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Hi I've had colonoscopy plus every other test available,I was told a colonoscopy is the ultimate test,so it's worth Haveing .Mine came back as chronic IBS. Good luck hope all goes well for you


hi there I believe the blood is from hemroids, have you got fibro myalgia? it can cause the pain you are talking about in the pelvic area.


Hi there, I had problems similar to yours years ago. I had a hysterectomy but the cause remained a mystery for 20 years. I was then diagnosed firstly as having fibromyalgia then Ehlers Danlos, which is a connective tissue disorder and the cause of the pain. If you are very mobile in your joints it might be worth looking into.

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I have extremely mobile joints..

How do they diagnose you?


have you googled it ? it is fascinating what is connected to it. It also runs in families.


Hi! The symptoms you describe plus very heavy periods was Endo in my case and was confirmed after a Laproscopy . Endo can form deposits in and on the bowel as in my case after a Colonoscopy and scan. Ensure you have your Colonoscopy as that will put your mind at rest and you will know what you are dealing with. Suggest you stay at home the day before the test as the stuff they give you to clear out the bowel can work very quickly. The test itself takes about 40mins, rest for the remainder of the day. Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

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Hi,Im sorry you are having this trouble. Im constantly amazed at just how many people have similar probs.

When you are fighting something,it feels like you are the only one-but you're not!

Ive had some bleeding on occasion but not for quite a while,come to think of it.Any bleeding needs to be checked out tho. Have you mentioned it to your GP?

I had a colonoscopy last week and nothing was found,I have a very nice bowel! I could watch the procedure on the screen,which was interesting.

Have to be honest,it wasnt pleasant. But to be told its not cancer or anything like that was a huge relief.

I guess u could have the microendo,its not too far fetched a thought,is it?

Just go thru it all step by step and hopefully the prob will reveal itself.

Elaine xx


DO you get chills and fever when you get the pain? It might be diverticulitis. My daughter was misdiagnosed for 4 painful years and she finally got right diagnosis and cured herself using techniques of Arthur White author of Diverticulosis: how to restore the body's self healing powers without drugs. If it turns out to be IBS, try low FODMAPS diet to determine what might be irritating. Good luck.


according to my doctor, there is a new stool test that gives same results as the colonoscopy, my son is awaiting the results but it may be worth persuing instead of going through the indignity. Hope you get it sorted.


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