rectum pain

Sorry to be blunt but for the past month possibly longer Ive been experiencing rectum pain after bowl movement. It lasts for hours afterwards in fact most of the day depending what time I go. Its always on one side at the same place. I feels like a deep cut / bruise that throbs on and off it comes and goes throughout the day. It can also feel some times as if a bit of the bowl movement might be trapped there usually for a very short time after the movement.

Any Ideas what it might be and what I can do?

Thank you

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  • Hi are you sure you have not got a sore rectum.

  • Its within that area

  • Hi without sounding to personal have you got someone who can check it out for you .i had simerler problem not to long back and my GP gave me some cream which done the job. It also may be piles to use a laymen term.But definitely get it checked out before it gets worse.

  • I haven't yet I'm thinking i should get it checked out

  • May be you have anal fissure.Please get it examined .

  • have Dr apt next wed thanks for advice

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