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Hi everyone

Hi there,

I hope this isn't the third of fourth post you've had from me! I've just retired and am now living in York with my wife Hilary who, like me has IBS. i have been a member of IBS Network since about 196/7 but because we have moved around the country I last my login details, but everything is up and running again. Look forward to meeting you all via the web.


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Hi Evan since you have had IBS since 1966/7 can you give us any good advise that you have learned over the years.And congratulations on your retirement I hope you enjoy it to the full.x

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Hi Gemini. Thank God I haven't had IBS since 1966. I've had it since 2005 and 9 years is more than enough for me. I can' t offer any advice because my IBS has been continually mismanaged so chances are you can help me more than I can help you It is only since we moved to York last year that the GPs here have taken it anything like seriously. I'm hopeful.


Oh I'm sorry Evan I must of miss read it.Ive had IBS now for about 12yrs I've been all through the system cameras up- down Colenoscopy Diets and so on and like you drs seem to think its nothing to complain about.It has totally taken over my life,recently I bought Patsy Catsos books IBS free at last and her cook book flavour without Fodmaps,to see if I can help myself.I believe it's the only way I'm going to get anywhere. I live with it every day,I'm in continuous pain.But I also have a few more serious illnesses but IBS is my biggest problem the only one I can't control .But chin up I'll see how I go with these books I'll keep you informed.Having said all that I do think this is a great site it does show you how many people suffer with IBS and there is some pretty good advise.Sorry to go on so long but good luck and keep in touch.x


H Gemini, thanks for getting back to me. Yep, I've had the lot - even had a dr. say to me once, 'Well, at least it won't kill you.' Great! So for those few words of wisdom I guess I'm supposed to be eternally grateful - never mind that it has me climbing the walls most days. But since we have moved we've found a great GP who really understands what we are talking about. O.K., there's no cure, but I just fell I need a bit of support and help with managing it a bit better. It seems that since I've had the cameras up and down the medicine men, not having found anything too dangerous or life-threatening, have done their bit, so now it's up to me. That's why I joined this site, and already I've found it useful. Keep in touch.


Will keep in touch,and good luck..........here's a big hug to be getting on with.


Hi Evan & Hilary,

My name is Laura and I myself suffered a severe case of IBS back in Sep 2007 all the way up until Dec 2012

I am not sure at this point whether or not I am allowed to assist you in this way, but I would like to take this opportunity on giving you and your wife an insight into what changed my IBS life around, to a point its only now when i read comments like yours that I remember how dreadful, humiliating and depressing it all was for me.

Thank god I found and use the Purest 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel I could find! lol.

I researched.

Where there is normal bowel function, the famous nutritionist, Jeffery Bland, has shown that Aloe Vera produces several effects when drunk on a daily basis:

* it speeds up the transit time of the gut contents

* As a result the stool becomes softer as it contains more water

* Protein absorption is increased

* Gut flora is regulated, especially where there is an overgrowth of the yeast Candida.

Perhaps it is one or all of these actions that bring about considerable improvement for the sufferers of this functional bowel problem. As we all know, it is accepted that there is a stress element to this condition!! However apart from Aloe Vera's known ability to regulate & smooth out the gut's peristaltic movements, thereby reducing the pain and regulating bowel habit, Dr Peter Atherton also believes it has a calming effect on the mood, through its ability to balance the immune system and provide a greater sense of well being. Professionally, Aloe Vera is Dr Atherton's first line treatment for IBS and can claim about an 80% response rate, including mine. Please do refer to the link below as reading further really did help me. foreverknowledge.info/

or view product variety: foreverliving.com/retail/en...

I am happy to respond to any responses, so please don't hesitate!- but if i don't hear from you shortly, I really do wish u both well.x

Stranger love <3




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