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I suffer chronic pain every day

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I am trying to find out if probiotics help.I have been told by my dietician to try VSL3# can anyone tell me if you have tried it and did it do any good ?I've got to try something as I think the health service is beginning to give up on me .Anyone got any suggestions I would be grateful for .

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I tried vsl3 for a month and found it a huge help. The persistent tummy ache went almost immediately. On advise I took half a sachet a day. There is some evidence that a full dose can be too strong. This probiotic is one of the products recommended by Prof Hunter who is a specialist at Addenbrookes Hosp. I now take bio kult every day which seems to suit me now that I am symptom free.

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dipsy14 in reply to Queeny54

Where do you get VSL3? Is that its full name? Thanks

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Queeny54 in reply to dipsy14

I ordered it through amazon

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dipsy14 in reply to Queeny54

Thank you - I am considering giving this a go!

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Gemini71 in reply to dipsy14

By all accounts you do get it off Amazon the real name is VSL3# .My doctor told me to show him the leaflet as I'm on a lot of meds at the moment especially for rheumatoid Athritis and it could play around with my immune system,so really back to square one.

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dipsy14 in reply to Gemini71

Thanks for the extra information. Mmm I have a problem with my immune system, I think I will have to read up about it.

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Gemini71 in reply to dipsy14

Do be careful Dipsy check with your GP.

if you get bloated and gassy in stomach, ask dietitian from nhs for list for iriitable bowel symdrome? we got a list and only found broccolii and bake beans to be in our diet, once cut that out, pain stop from 24/7 to half. we went to a specialist gastroenterologist in Surrey. he is brilliant, did a sugar test and prove positive. been fine ever ysince. not all specialist realise that food have EVERYTHING to do with these bloated gassy intestine problems

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polly2000 in reply to Siapa

Did you get appointment on NHS as I've been told nothing in area and GPs no longer allowed to make out of area referrals so just have to suffer or else NHS will offer me a colostomy!

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Gemini71 in reply to polly2000

Hi Polly I live in cannock Staffs and my NHS Gastrolergist refered me to a Proffessor of Gastrolergy in Nottingham on the NHS. I think you have to be a little more insistent nowerdays or you'll never get anywhere .I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for my son insisting on me going on a life support machine.( nothing to do with IBS just making a point. Good Luck Pollyx

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polly2000 in reply to Gemini71

Thanks for your reply - am going through process - my gp is supportive but trying to get permission - I do see someone privately who is fantastic and know what I should be doing diet wise and supplement wise but keeping to is hard and then again need to try and go NHS route due to costs. thanks again

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Siapa in reply to polly2000

Dont think that sound right. Nobody should suffer. If the gp cant sort out your health issue, it means they have no expertise. Therefore surely youmust be entitle to be referred to a specialist even tho its out of your area. I live in southwest n were referred to surrey due to their expertise. Not all specialist know everything. The first one I went to had no cluethat food can caused so much grief except to prescribed medication which some had help but others caused more grief. Google to find the one you think best

The deviser of the original FODMAP diet (Sue Shepherd - Australian) states probiotics except maybe to take after a course of antibiotics are a waste of time and will just empty your purse! At c£12 a time and made me more constipated am inclined to agree with her.

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Gemini71 in reply to woodgut8

My Gastrolergist told me the same probiotics are a waste of money,but then the Dietician he sent me to recommended VSL3# .Once again conflicting opinions,you just don't no who's advice to take.Back to square one.Where on earth do you get some real HELP for this dam IBS.Rant over so frustrated

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woodgut8 in reply to Gemini71

My gastro recommended me to take probio so mayb they dont know. Would b interested to know how VSL3 operates before trying it.

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Gemini71 in reply to woodgut8

Look it up on Yahoo Woodgut and ask your GP about it.

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Notjoken in reply to woodgut8

I agree woodgut8

I am the mist ill I ever been in my whole life from taking probiotic in recommendation

of a pharmacist...

Currently on day 6 fodmaps

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Gemini71 in reply to Notjoken

Hi notjoken what probiotic was you on ,and how has it caused you a problem?

By the way thank you for your replys hope you ALL have better luck than me xx

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