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Operation done at last!


I posted a while back that a colorectal procedure that I was due to have had been postponed twice, well, I had a letter giving me a date of admission to a private hospital in Essex, & I didn`t mention it for fear of jinxing myself, & having the operation postponed yet again. It was paid for by the NHS, & the place was more like a hotel that a hospital. It was a bit scary being in an operating theatre fully concious, & I had quite a bit of discomfort despite the local anasthetic I`d been given, so I wimped out & let the doctor give me a shot of Midazolam. I was all prepared to go back home on the tube because I couldn`t afford a taxi, but they put me in a taxi paid for by the NHS, unbelievable! I`m back home now, & not in any real pain, & it`s such a relief to have it over & done with.

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Good for you

It was an awesome experience, because if it wasn`t for the blood pressure machines & other medical paraphanalia in the room, I`d have thought that I was in a hotel. The staff were so polite, & didn`t seem grumpy & overworked like in NHS run hospitals, even the beds were different, they had an automatic button that you pressed to sit up. I now wish that I had the money to take out private health insurance, because for non emergency treatment, private clinics are the way to go, Especially now that the NHS is sending people to these places because they can`t cope with the number of people needing treatment, which is why I got sent there.

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