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Pain on both sides under ribs

Hi, I have read a number of people suffer pain on either left or right under ribs but not both, I often wake up with severe pain on both side almost under armpits, it feels like it's all connected to my gut and I am suffering from bad constipation at the moment but I never used to have this with ibs before, it has been for a few years now however, just wondered if anyone else suffered from this as does make me a bit anxious! Thanks Lucy

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Yes I used to always have pain both sides when going through a constipated phase ( I had alternating IBS C And D) . I found it was mostly wind as that particular pain went away when I was having a diarrhoea phase. Peppermint oil capsules and tea helped a bit and exercise to shift it. Hope this helps


and massage for the belly. Very helpful


Yes, this is one of the symptoms I get when my ibs is playing up with constipation and reflux. Ginger tea or cordial I find most helpful. Peppermint tea can be ok but is known to be bad if you have reflux as it stimulates the stomach sphincter.


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