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IBS and weight loss - struggling to lose weight!

I'm wondering if anyone we has trouble with losing weight and if it might be because of or made harder because of IBS. I've been eating pretty well and do exercise - metafit twice a week, spinning once maybe twice, strength training once and have started to run too. I've not managed much exercise since a flare up two weeks ago but before that I was doing the same every week. I lost weight to start with but have put it all back on although friends say I look slimmer?!

Does anyone else struggle to lose weight? I can't eat Brown rice, pasta, bread etc but other I think my diet is pretty good.

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I have the opposite problem - when mine kicks off the weight drops off, too fast!!!


Hello Scarlet38. Yes, this is the thing I dislike most about ibs, I have out on a lot of weight and I cannot shift it no matter what I try. With bloating, I can put on 6 pounds overnight or grow out of my clothes at work. Slowly, I have identified some if the foods that make this worse. I have ibsC and can go without bowel movements for up to 10 days, although that's much better now with flaxseeds and the fodmap diet. I never feel there is a balance what goes in and what comes out, I feel full all the time and I can't lie on my back as if feels like I am being suffocated by my bowels. I feel that if I was to completely empty my bowels regularly, it would make a big difference. I am sorry that I don't have any answers, but I wanted to respond to say that you are not alone!


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