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CT scan question

Has anyone had a CT scan of their abdomen without any contrast? Despite years of asking for one, and getting so close several times (even got as far as the scanning department once before a doctor changed their mind!), I have been refused one because I am unable to tolerate any of the preparation or contrast used. My consultants opinion is that it would be useless without it, however, after 6 years of hell, I don't give a flying monkeys what she thinks. I have had every single other test out there, everything has come back negative except for consistently raised CRP levels which apparently aren't worth investigating because there are too many causes. FODMAPS and othe diets have done nothing either. So if anyone has any advice about CT scans, will be very welcome. Thank you.

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In what way can you not tolerate the contrast? The doctors don't want to do one without, because it would be pointless - they wouldn't be able to see what they need to see. They're not being obstructive, they just don't want to waste money or time performing a useless test. My advice would be to bite the bullet and put up with whatever the contrast does to you if you really want this scan. Good luck! :)


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