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I am fed up, every morning I wake up with painful cramp, been to the drs got peppermint capsules, don't work and now been given mebrevine

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Not working. I'm under a lot of stress at the mo, as my daughter has problems can anyone suggest anything please cos I hate going to sleep cos I know I will wake up in pain. I hate being like this :-(

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Hi .is this your only symptom or do you have others as well ie IBSC or D or both heart burn acid reflux wind etc etc ? Does this pain subside when you get up ? Does this pain wake you up or kick in as soon as you are awake ? when you are asleep are you sleeping well and deeply ? Early morning stomach cramps are a common IBS symptom usually accompanied by others as listed above . If you only have the early morning cramps not accompanied by anything else I doubt that mebeverine will do much as the stress you mention is effecting your nervous response system which is upsetting your Gi tract ,which wakes up in the morning and is going into overdrive .

I am not a medic but have suffered from the exact same gut response for over a year now along with IBSC and like you am fed up with it and trying to work it out .mebeverine did not work for me and seems more suited to IBSD sufferers anyhow equally peppermint oil . Wind ease can give some short term relief ,spasmonal was ineffective .i am now thinking of asking my GP about low dose anti depressants that I understand can be effective in damping down an over responsive /over reactive gut . But the totality of your symptoms might give a clue as how to proceed . Sorry I cannot be of any more help than this . Cheers

Forever Living Aloe Vera gel 50mls at night and 50 mls in the morning. Tastes disgusting but def helped my daughter x

Took about a month to kick in

Thanks willing to try anything :-)

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I think you need to look closely at what you are eating. My son had lots of problems and it turns out it is reaction to pork. Problem is pork can be in lots of things ie. sweets as it is in some gelatin. We thought for a long time it was an ingredient of pizza as he was ill after eating it but never thought of the pepperoni as the problem. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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I'm going back to my doctor today so will see if he can refer me to a dietician or something, stress is my main cause as I tend to stick with same boring diet. Thanks for support, this helps a lot :-)

Hi Huston, thanks for your reply, I do get other symptoms, I get loose stools on a morning and sometimes suffer with indigestion, I get a lot of wind which can be embarrassing. The morning cramps have got worse since I started with mebrevine a week ago. I'm going back to my doctor. It doesn't help, that due to a trauma, me and my daughter (14) suffered last year, that my daughter will not go to school. I have social workers, pyscologists, support workers involved. My stress levels are off scale, I'm not sleeping properly. I've got an interview for a job next Thursday and I want this job, but feel guilty cos I'm thinking of me. None of this helps my ibs. I'm a mess and just want to be normal.

hi you have my sympathy,or is it empathy. Stress can really muck up one's IBS symptoms. Certainly I have had to look at trying to manage my stress better,and am still only in the learning process. I have had IBS for a long time and tried lots of diferent things in this time. I was told a while ago that one has to look at all ways ie,emotionally,physically and mentally. I would agree with this. Maybe try and get some support ,or a good friend to listen with you,whilst you are very concerned about your daughter.Try and accept that you may wake up like this at present as you have a very real reason why-swallowed concern!All the best..I hope you can find a good friend to share this with

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Thanks so much, robrascal, I do have a fantastic friend who is very supportive, he just doesn't have a magic wand to make her go to school haha. I'm starting at the gym in a couple of weeks to tone up not that I'm fat 8.5 stone. I'm hoping to get counselling eventually but long waiting lists. I will get there. Being able to come on here helps too thanks :-)

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Children who won't go to school is a really hard one. I didn't have this problem with my girls but one of my daughter's did have and also a friend of mine.Try not to hit yourself over the head about it-be kind to yourself and am glad you are going to the gym,doing things to make yourself feel better will all help.I hope you get the job,as you say you want this one. It is important to look after yourself,and value yourself. I take aloe vera every morning and although it hasn't cured it,it has helped.Basically we each have to find what suits us best. I find diferent things at diferent times,as my IBS is very unpredictable. I do have foods that I'm allergic to,but that often isn't what seems to cause it. Hang in there .I'm so glad you've got a friend to support you. Take care.

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Thanks robrascal, this site has helped because I know I'm not alone. Thanks again :-)

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Sympathy,, empethy is pretty much guilt

I bought Paul McKenna CD & Book for stress and found it invaluable. Listening to the CD relaxes you and I felt a lot better even after 1 session. It`s worth a try. I got mine from Amazon.

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Thanks Conway I will give it a go thank you :-)

I just Google the (my) symptoms of the past three nearly four years. Just to double check have you tried farting (this releases a little pressure, then the pain fades in about 30 mins instead of an hour) EVERY morning (apart from the time I had Tramadol for my mouth). I've not had the pain from three days in a row. I've just tried the Juice Plus choc shake (half powder they say and cows milk, they wouldn't like that heehee) for four days now too..?!? The first morning was the stinkiest fart I've ever done with the usual pain levels then the next morning.., NOTHING......!!! I only tried these because one of my friends has starting selling them and said they worked and I said I didn't believe it. Well, I don't care if it fills me up through the day anymore. I no longer dread the mornings. Again nearly FOUR YEARS... I took and changed nothing else. Really looking forward to finding out sharing this has helped you too. At least I really really hope it does as it's fantastic not fighting yourself EVERY MORNING. :-) xXx

Do you eat within two hours of going to sleep?

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Sometimes magnesium defiancy can cause cramps. Depending on how your tummy can tolerate them may be worth taking a multi vit with this in x

My daughter has been waking up with stomach cramps the last 2 weeks . Think her IBS was triggered by food poisoning. But also been told Iron levels very low . Having Buscopan and mebevrine . Which seem to be kicking in now .But mornings terrible - has not been to college for 2 weeks .Need to get past the morning cramps . All suggestions welcome . Did read somewhere about warm water and lemon - going to try that tomorrow

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