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Pain directly under left breast ? Trapped wind? IBS related?

Excruciating pain, feels like a heart attack, under breast , right underneath so much so you have to press the area as pain intense. (Not related to heart as have had tests). The pain lasts about a minute. Think it is related to wind,but it seems awfully high up. Dr doesn't offer much in way of what to do. Would hate it too happen while driving. I have experienced it on and off for 10 years,but it may come only two or three times a year. Unlike the other IBS symptoms. Anyone any suggestions?I had it recently and thought of this site.

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Hi, I've had also occasionally had this pain under the left breast, but think it's slightly too low to be to do with the heart. Take ibroprofen or paracetomal if it's severe and that helps. Have read somewhere that it's to do with where the small intestine passes into the large one, and all to do with trapped wind, which can be so painful. Started taking Kolanticon (as recommended on this helpful site) about 4 months ago, and this does help with releasing trapped wind, and preventing it a bit. Good luck, hope this helps!


I"d start with a glass of warm water, a couple of Gas-X and see if burping, etc. commences. If it is your stomach and not your intestine, the ibuprofen might be irritating and maybe tylenol might be better. Only one though.


I've also had this pain on and off for years and it seems to relate to my gallbladder. After various lots of camera tests both down my throat and into my bowel I finally had an ultrasound scan on my abdomen last year and have found that I have gallstones. I suspected this was the case for a long time. Am now waiting to have my gallbladder removed. Might be worth suggesting to your doctor. Maybe they could arrange such a scan for you!


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