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Hi all, I joined about a week ago. Found just reading your Q and A helpful. Ive been suffering for years but have recently had a bad bout

I suffer from anxiety and have had depression a couple of times over the years, I still get anxiety over my ibs symptoms thinking it must be something worse! I have had endoscopy's,bloods and three doctors tell me it's ibs but I still can't help thinking its something more sinister, is this "normal". I have a quite stressful job and lately it has been more stressful than usual,and this is in line with my symptoms worsening

I have constant stomach pains with a fluttering feeling, my bm are irregular and alternate between hard and soft, when they are soft it can leave a burning sensation for a day or so, i have terrible smelly flatulence and belch all the time. I also have acid reflux and take medication for this ( omerprazole). I read on this network that a lot of sufferers also get head fog, I get this too.

As you read my symptoms it points to ibs but I still worry its the wrong diagnosis and this is always playing on my mind, making my symptoms worse.

Thanks for reading and any advice is greatfully received

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Yes, I think we've all been through the worry of not totally trusting the medics' opinions on this. The symptoms can be so severe that we all tend to think there's something more sinister going on, but it really does sound like what's termed as 'IBS' (whatever that is!).

The low-FODMAPs diet works particularly well for a lot of people. It isn't a diet-for-life (initially it's very restricted and makes you wonder what on earth you're left with to eat), but it does allow you to identify which food groups are giving you problems (if foods are indeed your triggers). If you want to give it a go, go to the website for Monash Uni (in Australia) where the diet was developed, there's a very good smartphone app you can download from there and I also highly recommend a book by the American dietitian, Patsy Catsos, 'IBS- Free At Last' which gives a good plan to follow whilst doing FODMAPs and lots more besides. Be wary of getting info from any other websites as many are outdated and incorrect.

Tests which you may not have had are SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and fructose and lactose malabsorption. Candida can also be the cause but, as it's not a recognised condition in the medical profession, you have to get this done yourself. candidatest.co.uk is a reliable site for this.



Thanks for the reply Roz, I will look into the fodmaps and the candida website.

Cheers Gary


Thanks Kerry, I've been suffering with ibs on a milder basis for around twenty years and anxiety/depression for 10 to 12 years, probably about time I started to help my self and not just rely on doctors and tablets. I ll check out the link,thanks


I take Citilopram to keep me stable after a previous bout of depression. It works very well. If I miss a daily dose I know it as my mood changes for the worse.


Thanks, the fluoxetine tends to work for the anxiety, just started taking it again about a week or so ago, should start working soon. Thanks for the reply.


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