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The ibs issue deep down

I could eat anything, then this gremlin took over my internals,, 2 years back,, I'm 54 active and hit a brick wall, this ibs thing has a much deeper underlying thing, in my case I believe internal stress which you and gp cant see,, remember the digestive system is a large brain with its own neurons honestly sit back and view yourself, we all got stresses and your inners react to this,it's not an answer, but I have got relief now

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I agree with you. I started with IBS in January this year due to a very stressful work situation. As soon as I was signed off sick by my GP in August with anxiety and depression my symptoms ceased until October. However their have been reoccurring since then. Probably even worse despite not as yet being ack at work. Although not in a stressful situation my bodily symptoms are reoccurring with sleeplessness and bowels problems of diarrhoea and stomach cramps


Ask go for anti spasm tabs , don't eat milk choc or soft cheese, no onions, no beans of any form , good luck


Mine is absolutely and definitely related to my menstrual cycle (I'm 46 and in perimenopause). My IBS always kicks off mid-cycle and just before my period. Stress is only one of the triggers, not the whole picture, as some people seem to think. I, too, can't tolerate any dairy, minimum onions, no beans, no wholegrains, no alcohol and no caffeine.


Have you tried Reflexology - I have found that it is helping with my depression (along with counselling) and it's also supposed to be useful for anxiety


I was convinced that mine was purely down to post campylobacter episode , but underlying stress has to be a factor , Monday morning bad stomach , every Monday, is my tell tale sign.

I take aloe tabs and a probiotic daily, if it's stress related is this just my placebo ????? My big game changer is more exercise, this is giving better sleep and much better stomach right now . Gym classes and morning swims , losing weight, getting fit and getting fixed


See your treating your body and mind better

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