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1 week fodmap trial - results

Well I've just completed my first week on the Monash University FODMAP diet using the app to record what I've eaten and the resulting symptoms.

Text Book results baring what I really think was a coincidence 3 days in (suspected bug) especially considering I've had a mad week with a couple of 14 hour shifts.

Unfortunately the details for the last day were not recorded accurately as I never inputed any info before the app's trial finished.

Anyway, its all positive so I'm sticking with it for another week to make sure then will look at reintroducing foods.

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It took a month on the FODMAP diet before everything really settled and then I reintroduced foods. Plus I take a probiotic every day.


hi , the fodmap diet should be done for 8 weeks before reintroducing foods, otherwise you wont get full benifit .


I have been doing it for 4 months and have found it excellent, keep persevering even though it gets very boring. at least I haven't been running to the loo constantly and I do have a life now of sorts!! As the advice above don't introduce extra foods too soon though - at least 6 weeks and be prepared for a strong reaction to anything which doesn't agree with you - try doing at weekends rather than middle of a busy working week where toilets may not be so handy!! Good luck


8 weeks :( there's a lot of contradicting advice out there. I'll do a month then go from there.

My plan was literally to go week by week introducing stuff, regular milk first for a week then add something else.

I certainly didn't suffer as much as others, from what I've been reading but enough to need to do something about it.


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