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Help Needed

I was Diagnosed with I.B.S. in 2004 I have had various tests with the Specialist. Then all the tests have come back clear and i still have diarrhoea and no matter what i eat i still suffer with Diarrhoea and i also suffer with gas that is coming from my mouth and it is smelling rather disgusting. I am also taking Loperamide hydrochloride 2 mg but at the start of my I.B.S Loperamide hydrochloride was working but now i need to take 8 tablets straight off to slow my bowel motions down is there anything i can take to ease the diarrhoea as everyday is getting more embarrassing when you got to wear dark Trousers to go out everywhere. And because of diarrhoea my body is starting to smell so i am in the shower every day and using Deodorant but it is still coming through the body spray. Also it is embarrassing trying to the toilet in different places. Also here is one instance where i soiled myself as i was in my local job centre plus as i am currently unemployed and i asked one of the staff there if there was a toilet there and the answer i was given was there is no toilet in the building so i tried to make it across to my doctors to use their toilet but i did not make it so i had to use the nearest bush. Well not hygienic for me or the person who had to clean it up. And also embarrassing for me also not good if i was seen by the local Police Constabulary and trying to explain that i have a medical condition. All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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The FODMAP diet sounds like it might be something for you to try, it works for loads of people on here with IBS-D. You can either ask your GP for a referral to an NHS dietitian trained to advise on it or go down the DIY route (which is what I did as I started on it a year or more before the NHS got behind it). To do this, go to the website for Monash University (where the diet was 'invented'), lots of info there plus a brilliant app you can download, and buy Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS - Free At Last' which gives you step-by-step guidance on how to do the diet. My best advice is not to bother with any other websites about FODMAPs as the info is often wrong and most often outdated too.

Although the diet worked pretty well for me, 3 months ago it turned out that I had been misdiagnosed and actually had Bile Acid Disorder which presents exactly the same symptoms as IBS-D - particularly the D bit! My GP prescribed colestyramine which solved all my problems at a stroke and I no longer have to eliminate any foods or take any other medication. It may be worth following this up with your doctor. See my recent post about it headed 'To everyone who has diarrhoea-predominant IBS...'



Thank you RozB i think i will have to make an appointment with my gp and see what they say about being refered to the dietitian. As he/she may be able to help me lose some weight as well as i am finding it hard to lose some weight as quick as i am loosing the weight i am putting it back on. thank you for your help RozB


You could also ask your GP about a SeHCAT test for Bile Acid Disorder. More than 50% of people diagnosed with IBS-D actually have this.


I am looking for five IBS patients to try a new, natural immunity based product to get some initial reactions as to its effectiveness. The technology has been approved by a government regulatory agency as effective for treating diarrhea in a different application and we are eager to see if it will help in IBS cases.


Can you give me more information about the product please


Hi Allan. Please see our website gastroman.org, which will give you more technical information and has links to our commercial sites. If you are interested I will provide you with one container free of charge, providing you pay whatever the shipping charges are (you can arrange this). As mentioned, we are looking for feedback from people with IBS, which we are hoping will be positive. Let me know if you want to try. Best Regards.


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