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Bottled Water and its effects?!

Hi all, haven't been on here for a while as I've had a reasonably good time stomach wise over the past few months. However, in the past fortnight suddenly and from nowhere I've had a recurrence of symptoms, mostly pain and diarrhoea. The only thing that u can think of that's changed is I have been buying highland spring bottled water when I normally drink Buxton. I didn't think this should make a difference however now I'm really thinking it might and is. Does anyone else know anything about this or has anyone experienced the same thing??

Thanks all :-)

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All I drink is highland spring and I've been fine, my problems start if I drink tap water so gave it up about five years ago. I also drink Buxton if there's no highland spring. I doubt it's that. Something you eat or drink and are fine with one week can upset you the next week so it could be anything. There's no exact science unfortunately. I couldn't have gravy for years and now I'm fine with it


lynne has it on the head with the food. Something you can fine to eat for ages, then bam, suddenly your system decides it doesnt like it anymore. One of the joys of Ibs.

I drink botteld water, dont like the idea of drinking chlorine and other nasties from the tap.

You probably need to look at exactly what you have ate this last week and do a process of elimination to try and find the culprit.



I tnink the best thing to do would be to go back to drinking Buxton and see if things change for the better. The mineral contents of bottled waters are all different depending on the types of rock the spring has travelled through. I have to watch out for this in vitamin/mineral pills as I don't absorb a lot of zinc or iron very well.



hi. you can get different reactions from bottled water the same as if you can drinking tap water from different regions , the minerals in the waters differ from place to place, go back to your usual water then in about a month try highland springs again and see the result .. ..Trisha from Ireland PS changing water can also cause irritation to the skin


Wow, i have learnt something. I never knew that you could get reactions from different water and the mineral content differs. I thought they were all the same.

You learn something new everyday here. It will make me think more carefully about the water i buy.


WEll, it reasons that if we're made 70% of water then the water that we drink would affect us. I do drink bottled water (what else? lol) but I'm usually ok.. peerdiagnosis.com/can-gas-c...


Thank you! I was reading the minerals this morning and thought it might have had something to do with it. I've not had any today and I haven't had any pain so I'm thinking that might be it, thanks for the words of wisdom :-)


Its not te minerals so much as the gas, but obviously could be both. One is far more gassy than the other. The as irritates the gut lining. Best to chose still water from glass bottles, because plastic has loads of nasty cancer causing chemicals. Better still than waste your hard earned money on mineral water, buy a water filter. Filter your tap water. In the long run you will save loads of money and have better quality water. If you must have bubbles sometimes..(though this is very bad for us with IBS) get a soda stream and make your own, with the right amount of gas. If you dont like any of these suggestions..buy Italian mineral water which is much less gassy called San Pelegrino... There are others too. Look for 'fritsante'

Which means lightly gassy. The worst thing about IBS is that things dont always have the same reaction. Some days you will be able to eat or drink what you like and think ts ok, and other days, you will not ave changed a thing, but you will till get trouble, because...a little bit of something might be ok, but repeatedly having it might not be ok. It might be too much. For me its tomatoes and lemons and coffee...amongst other things. A tomato on a sandwhich is ok..but tomato sauce on a pasta isn't. Also, it depends on your status at the time you eat. Some days the gut just wont allow you to eat anything. Some days you can eat what you like. Is all about what stage of irritation you are going through digestion wise at the time you eat. Thats what makes IBS such a bitch to deal with. Because its almst impossible to identify what bothers you most. Good luck. Mine as been bothering me 30 years! Write things down s all I can say...see if there's a pattern. Oh and read a book called A New IBS Solution-The Missing Link in treating IBS... Its fascinating... And I also believe its true. It basically is against adding bacteria to the gut as in probiotics.. It suggests an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut is the cause. Please read it.. Its an excellent book and rings very true.


Sorry about my typ o's ..my glasses are a bit ucky ! :-)


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