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ibs stress and pain

I have had a pretty good few weeks up until recently occasional nausea and stomach discomfort but have now had stomach pain for about 24 hours. Could it be if not caused by at least exacerbated by the fact that I have a friend staying who I have known for years but find quite difficult to cope with My diet has not changed but the stomach pain is pretty bad and I have taken co codamol for the first time to ease it. Helps a bit. worried that I am in for another bad bout of ibs. but hoping it may ease when my friend goes. What a ridiculous situation. Any advice or comments welcome.

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good grief yes. I was staying with my sister who's very emotional at a very stressful time, our mom had a stroke and we have had to see her admitted to hospital and nursing home. Plus staying with her and her 10 cats and she smokes. I want to spend more time with my mom but my ibs went off the chart while there. So I have to plan short trips and pray!!!


Hi Annie,

In my experience IBS symptoms related to anxiety and stress are greatly reduced with an understanding of how the brain works and relaxation techniques that help to process this build up of negative thoughts. Before listening to any relaxation cd's I would suggest writing 10 good things down about your life today immediately before listening to the cd as this will produce enough serotonin to really get your REM healing state working at it's best. I wish you all the best in reducing the anxiety related to your IBS and living a normal happy life.


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