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I've had IBS for approximately two years, and have pretty much been through the mill of tests and medication, and have decided to set up a blog to document my experiences. You can follow me at mylifewithibs.com

I'm about to go travelling in a couple of weeks, which I'm panicking about and after reading the FODMAP diet, am about to start this, as after very limited results with medication etc, I think this might be my best bet, so fingers crossed!

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As you're going travelling, if you have an iPhone, you may find it useful to download the FODMAP app from Monash Uni - saves taking a book and is the best info on the diet available.

Have a great trip!


Thanks, cheers for the tip! FODMAP seems a lot to digest at first, but if I can find some relief from symptoms I'll be happy :-) Yeah pretty scared about travelling, but I've been telling myself for ages now that I would try it, I dont want to let IBS ruin everything x


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