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I have a bit of a dilema. I have diabetes. If I take my medication I am in and out of the loo every half an hour on a good day

and every five minutes on a bad day.

If I don't take the pills I am in the loo less often. My doctor is useles and all he wants to do is give me a different type of pill. I nned to control the diabetes but don't want all the toilet visists. ANy one got any ideas?

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At the end of the day the diabetes can be life threatening the ibs can't. It's important to take your medication. Maybe try different tablets to see how you manage with them if you still have the same problem then ask your doctor for some ibs medication to take alongside your tablets to counteract the effects of your diabetes medicine and help with the diorreahea


thanks for input. I work full time so it can be quite a major problemt attimes. I have stuff from my doctor but started having a bade reaction to it and I was given antibiotics.



If it's Type 2 diabetes you have, is it possible for you to be even more strenuous with your diet, thereby allowing your GP to reduce your medication?

My husband is a type 2 (no IBS though) and, at onset, had his pills changed several times until the most suitable one for him was found, so it's worth giving something new a try.



hi i have type 2 diabetes for 13 yrs and also have ibs-d for 20yrs. hope you don't mind me asking , but do you eat differently when not taking tabs,ie. are you more careful with what you eat because your not taking you medication, and why did you not take it .how have your blood sugars been


Hi there,

Are you on metformin? If so this is well known to cause diarrhoea, gurgly gassy intestines and urgency. If this is the case talk to your diabetic specialist nurse for medication review, you may now be taking too much! Once this is sorted then is the time to look at IBS symptoms eg abdominal pain? Diarrhoea? Etc


Thanks everyone, I am careful what I eat when I don't take meds. Therapist my diabetes care is under my GP and no matter how much I talk to him and ask for reviews and second opinions I get nowhere fast, and support is non existent.

I have got my self organised with a diary and am making notes to see if it falls into a pattern, the most obvious is nuclear fall out with in 2 hours of most meals.


I have the same problem

ask your doctor to put you on the prolong metformin for your diabetes it will help to stop the diarrhoea


My sister has the same problem as you. try a different tablet keep going back to your doctors if they keep making you go toilet my sister reacts the same to all tablets and its not getting her diabetes under control she going over to insulin to see if this will help


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