anyone after a while begin to feel that something is really wrong?

Well Im about three months into my current bout of IBS which is nicely intertwined with anxiety and in those three months I've had to resort to the movicol once a month. It takes 5/6 days to work which I don't think is right, I'm currently on it now desperate for it to work faster - I can't remember my last decent meal...I would have loved to seen a doctor but my anxiety has left my fear of being sick at 110% has not let me out main worry is *graphic image alert* that my lower innards and my bum hole are not aligned properly (I mean I've always had problems with constipation...but with each child - got 3 - it's got worse) and I 've got poop collecting in places that technically shouldn't exist...I know it mainly diareehoa here but any one heard anything like this?

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  • Hmmm reading your description I would say get yourself to the Dr asap.

    Poop in places it is not supposed to be is worrying. Intrigued what you mean if you have constipation?

    If you feel things are 'out of place' it sounds like a prolapse ( common after childbirth). See your GP as he may need to refer you.

    If it is a prolapse, and if you can afford it, than check out the BAcC for an acupuncturist near you...they can work on 'lifting' the bits energetically (and saves any long waiting lists or ops). But still get a referral if your GP offers and don't tell the GP about the acupuncture as some GPs ( like mine) may be less inclined to help if they know you are looking at 'alternative' methods.

    Btw what are you doing diet wise to help the IBS? Have you looked at FODMAP? Start this right away if you have pain too.

    Also use ground linseeds everyday in warm almond milk to get your bowels regular...maybe wait on this till you have been to yr Dr.

    Best of luck:-)

  • Btw, acupuncture can also help on anxiety. It's a bit like a whole body and mind MOT when you go:-)

  • I agree with ibsr and think you've just got to get yourseld to a doctor soon.

    It sounds at least as if you need a different type of laxative to Movicol (they all work differently). Have you tried using glycerol suppositories? These only take about 30 minutes to work and you don't need a prescription for them.


  • Go to the Dr and try to see it as a positive move. I had a rectal prolapse fixed 3 years ago and even though I didn't suffer constipation as you are, the other symptoms sound very familiar. It really did make things a lot easier for me and was not too big a deal. I am the most anxious person on God's earth! If I could get myself to the Dr then so can you!! I still get IBS as I did before the op but the symptoms are back to "normal" with no sense of stuff being where it shouldn't. It may not be that of course - but it does sound similar.

    All the best

  • I know exactly what you mean! I'm most of the time constipated and I worry then that surely it must be something worse then IBS! An obstruction or something! Doctors shouldn't be allowed to make an IBS diagnosis until we had every investigation there is, I feel for you x

  • Yes get Prof. John Hunter's book irritable Bowel Solutions. I also have what he calls "Overload and Overflow" although not much overflow. Also slight prolapse of uterus which doesn't help and Parkinson's which really slows things down. I'm no longer worried about the constipation aspect -- what good does it do :D Just want to avoid pain. I was advised to take movicol daily, but I find it irritating to what pains me so I look for alternatives including exercise and massage. good luck and don't be afraid!

  • Just to endorse John Hunter's book - it's the best one I have read re IBS.

  • I really feel for you and agree with everyone else that you must get yourself to a doctor as soon as you can. From reading the other replies it certainly sounds like you have some kind of prolapse but your doctor will obviously be able to tell you whether it is or not. I also suffer from IBS C and get absolutely fed up with getting the pain but only able to pass a very small amount. I also have total empathy for you is your fear of being sick (Emetaphobia) as this is something I've had since my husband was very ill with Gastroenteritis in 1984, I've never known him so ill. What has helped me with this though is going to a Hypnotherapist, I did this a few years ago now. I remember one day walking into work and someone had their hand over their mouth and they were a long way from me, I ran into work to avoid it if she was sick and when I got into work my heart was pounding, I even looked on the pavement when I came out of work at lunchtime to see if she had been sick (why I did that I don't know). Anyway, since my treatment I can go out anywhere and eat, I sometimes feel sick with IBS and it no longer worries me and best of all if the bug is going round in work I don't panic like I used to, I still worry a bit, but am much better than before. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • Like you my problems with IBS C have become worse since having my 3rd child, labour was very fast and strong and i dont feel like my body ever got right afterwards..How do they check for a prolapsed uterus? I had a laparoscopy early last year to check for endometriosis I would assume they wouldve picked up on somthing like a prolapse then..Anyhow i think you do need to push your GP to refer you to a bowel consultant and a dietician, just to rule out anything serious is going on.

  • Thank you all for you advice...the movicol has started working now (only 3 and half days this time) , I had various tests about five years ago didn't find much except for the throat one which found and got rid of a polyp (but that was no cause for concern), I have been gluten-free for five years which has done little for the C but got rid of the cramps (which I am VERY happy about) . I will go to the doctors later this week now my bowels are moiving, best wait until period stops as well, I will try that Hunter book as well - lots of favourable reviews and I'd never heard of it before. As for my horrible sick fear, I believe I've had that since I was sick on a co-op till belt, floor and enterance (aged 8) - oh the shame - I've met a hypnotherapist and hope to begin 19th...and I will also ask about the FODMAP, cos the fructan advice in another thread rang lots of bells - I know that garlic makes me feel terribly sick, so I'm now wary about onion - I love colslaw...


  • If you want to try keeping fructans out of your diet and really miss onion, you can safely use the green ends of spring onions and leeks. Garlic and onion oils are both okay too.

  • Hi, yeah this sounds familiar i.b.s and stress causes the runs or diarrhoea! Try asking your doctor for amitriptyline for mild depression and helps to control the symptoms of i.b.s. Also I've noticed since it's been hot my i.b.s mainly the runs (which I don't normally suffer from) has worsened! I hope you find something that works good luck.

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