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Bladder Irritation?


I have posted before about the sudden onset of IBSC during menopause, but can anyone tell me, if after a particularly "strained" BM, that they have an irritated bladder, is there a connection?

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I'm going through menopause but didn't know there was a connection with my ibs. I get frequent bladder irritations anyway so not sure if they're linked. I do get this terrible period pain type pain even tho I had a hysto in my early 30's.

bettypie in reply to Ladycx

I have just been diagnosed with IBS and suffer bladder problems pain and infections constantly. I also had my thyroid removed 14 years ago.

IBS certainly affects my bladder and the more constipated I get the more pain I get in my bladder.

I don't know when or if I've had my menopause as my mum had a hysterectomy in her 30s and my sister is younger than me. I don't have periods [I had an operation to stop them - but not a hysterectomy] but, I am turning 50 this year and for the very first time ever I have been suffering from bladder irritation and 'needing' to go to the toilet several times an hour!. I went to the Doctors [after seeing the adverts on the TV] he gave me some fabulous tablets and I've not suffered any of those symptoms since.

I also suffer from IBS but it has never affected my bladder.

Have you tried the bowel and bladder foundation on

they will be able to provide you with lots of information.

Good luck.

S x

Mamabear52 in reply to Sandy247

Hi Sandy, I know this was posted a long time ago but I just wondered what the ‘fabulous tablets’ were from your doctor and if you still use them.

Sandy247 in reply to Mamabear52

The tablets are called Solifenacin. I hope they work for you.

Many thanks ladies. Ladycx, apparently one of the major symptoms of menopause is IBS, I had never had it before, but when all the other (36!) symptoms arrived at the same time, it was clear that it is connected. Apparently oestrogen helps digestion, and when it stops the digestiive system goes berserk, and of course anxiety is another symptom which will not help! Sandy247, alot of ladies I know on a forum called Menopause Matters also complain of period like pains, and bladder problems, this is due to atrophy caused by hormone deplation, and can affect both the vagina and bladder. I actually think that I have this too, and that foods that affect the bowel are also affecting an already sensitive thin bladder! It is worth you looking at that website, it has been a godsend to me, unbelievable the ignorance by the medical profession in recognising the havoc that menopause causes to both patients and their families. There is a lot of publicity about puberty, and its problems,

but never anything about menopause, the last 2 years of my life have been hell!

I have Ibs c and have noticed, like you, when there's straining involved my bladder goes into overdrive! I think its because the bladder and the bowel are so so close that the build up due to constipation puts pressure on the bladder also. I'm convinced this what happens, as its only when I am badly constipated that my bladder plays up. Its nothing to worry about, just an added problem when doing what I call my 'bowel exercices,!!

Trymybest in reply to nanabud

Thanks nanabud, I did have my suspicions! This is a whole new health area to me, and to begin with it freaked me out, but I am a lot calmer now, having been reassured and scanned to within an inch of my life by clinicians, I have been told it is IBS! Never thought about the closeness of everything "down there", and also my physio tells me that there is a huge bunch of nerve endings in a cluster there, and any of them can be affected, and cause a reaction to others elsewhere!

Ruth xx

Thankyou both trymybest and sandy247 am going to investigate those sites. My tummy problems started 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with endometriosis , they thought it would stop after the hysto 17 years ago but in fact if anything it has got progressively worse.

You are very welcome Ladycx! I know that this is not the right place to promote another site, but if one site can help another, it has got to be in the best interest to both patient and administrator! There is even a consultant you can contact, for a charge of course, who is an obs/gynae consultant, this can be done by phone or email, think she was the founder of the site. So many discussions, everything you ever wanted to know, and just when you think you are the only one who has something weird, someone will come along to reassure you!

Ruth xx

Thanks kerrym212! What a steep learning curve all this is, practically vertical! Can any of these PH levels be checked by blood tests? I am going to a new womens' centre in July, and they will do a great number of blood tests that GPs won't! I will also look at that facebook page, feel as though I could do a degree in womens' health now!!

Never thought kerry212, many thanks! I have seen pH level kits on pharmacy shelves, but can't remember if it was in America or the UK. Many women on my menopause website have commented about adrenalin and cortisol, when the adrenal glands are exhausted through stress etc...then cortisol rises and can affect the digestive system very badly, so you are right, everything is linked, do you think I could retire, I am sure work makes it worse, I live in hope!!!!

Ruth xx

Thanks again kerrym212. My GP did start me on Sertraline to keep my anxiety levels down but I am not really pro AD's as I think they don't really help you to control yourself naturally, so I came off them. I do try deep breathing, and always find it has an immediate effect, but it is hard to maintain for long periods. I am looking to try yoga, but I am very lazy, and after a long day at work, don't really feel like going out again! I may try a dvd at home first! I haven't tried tapping yet, but know of some women who do, and say it does help, think it just takes your mind of focussing on an anxiety?

You are very kind to suggest these ideas, how long should you "tap" for on these points?

Ruth xx

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