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Any women noticed a link between the contraceptive pill and bad episodes of IBS?

I have been suffering for 5 years now and getting worse every month. I had not noticed a link between my periods and worsening IBS until I ended up in hospital a few weeks ago due to pain/loss of consciousness etc and didn't take my pill. I decided to not take it for he next month since it wouldn't do me any harm not to be on it. However, I have felt as good this last month as I have in a couple of years and the only change in my life is not taking the pill! Then, last night I decided to start a new packet at the start of my cycle. By 8am this morning I was unconscious on the toilet due to pain. Even now am still in pain and needing to take more Oramorph. My GP says its just coincidence but I think it's too big a coincidence to be ignored. Anyone else noticed anything similar?

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Yes I had to come off my pill altogether as it was affecting my Ibs really badly


It hasn't really affected me, although I do get more pain and D when I am on my period.


Yes Ive found a direct link between any type of hormone contraception and worsening IBS..I cannot tolerate the pill at all, have tried several brands including the mini pill all have the same effect. the injection wasn't great either and at the suggestion of my gynae I had a coli (mirena) fitted last year..I think that too has made things worse as had the worst year ever with symptoms, ive been talked out of having it removed a few times by GP as they feel its unlikely to be causing problems but I rekon its too much of a coincidence that within 6 wks of it going in I was laid up in A+E in awful pain and my IBS has been intolerable at times this past year, worse than bef I had the coil...so Ive decided to get it removed.

Word of caution using Oramorph, it causes awful constipation, I know when you are in extreme pain its such a relief to have some but try and avoid if you can.

Ive changed my diet, been on lowfodmap now since Jan, ive had about a 30% improvement in symptoms no more diaohrea every day :) but still suffer so will remove any artificial hormones see if it helps.

One thing Ive been using also is golden linseed or flaxseed, increased fluids and eating smaller meals plus avoiding high fodmap foods where possible, some treats still creep in occasionally though :)

I hope you find some answers but do listen to your own body if you aren't happy change the contraception, doctors do not know everything IMO!


I am 33 with ibs and have been having awful night sweats. Was taken of the pill microgynon 30 in order to have blood tests. In the back of my mind i wondered if the pill was not helping as been on it about 13 years. Ironically my ibs had been settled for about a year and it has come back worse since stopping the pill! Night sweats have gone sort of and need more blood test for liver and thyroid.



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