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Confused with the different medications

Have had ibs symptoms for about 3 weeks now (never before this) Doc has given me Mebeverine to help with the stomach cramps, but still have them. Have just bought Wind-eze for the trapped wind. can anyone tell me if the trapped wind is causing the stomach cramps? Have been reading the posts and now wondering about Buscopan. Does it relieve the trapped wind and cramps. Also been reading it usually happens at a younger age than mine. I'm 55.

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it does with me although i have tried mebeverine and i actually cant take that as i had a reaction to it and the only thing i am on at the moment is buscopan and they do help. but everyone is different


I take mebeverine and buscopan they do help but if I take a break from them the symptoms come back.


Mebeverine causes constipation so if you have ibs-c I would avoid like the plague !

Jo x


Stomach cramps in your upper ab? Is Wind-eze simethicone, the ingredient in Gas-X? I take that to move the gas out. It does not give me cramps .


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